TransDisabled! Transgender Who Identifies as Disabled PURPOSELY Crashed Bike to Become Paralyzed! [WATCH]

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Chloe Jennings-White, a 58-year-old research scientist in West Bountiful, Utah, self identifies as a disabled person.

She has a Ph.D in Chemistry, and degrees from Cambridge and Stanford. She enjoys skiing and is happily married.

But Chloe is not truly happy and will not be until she is fully disabled. She wants to be permanently paralyzed.

TransDisabled! Transgender Who Identifies as Disabled PURPOSELY Crashed Bike to Become Paralyzed

Jennings-White suffers from “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” (BIID), a psychological condition where sufferers “do not accept one or more of their own limbs and seek to amputate them or become paraplegic.”

Chloe is also a man who “chooses to live as” a woman, as well as, pretending to be paraplegic.

“When I’m in the wheelchair I’m not even thinking about the wheelchair. it’s just normal for me, but anytime I’m walking it’s always in my mind, sometimes dominating my mind, that this is not the way it’s supposed to be,”

When she was 9, Chloe tried to paralyze herself by riding her bike off a stage, but just ended up with scrapes, and bruises.

Chloe said she was 4 when she first consciously decided that nature made a mistake by giving her working legs. She was jealous of disabled kids and envious of an aunt who needed leg braces after a bike accident.

When she skis, Jennings-White pushes herself to the limit, going down the most dangerous runs, with the thought that at any moment, she might have that permanently disabling injury she dreams of having.

“Doing any activity that brings a chance of me becoming paraplegic gives me a sense of relief from the anxiety caused by the BIID,” she said, according to HuffPost UK.

Her “only hope” of permanent loss of her lower limbs is if she gets surgery estimated at $25,000.

She said there is a doctor overseas who is willing to cut her sciatic and femoral nerves so that her legs no longer work, but she admits that’s a pipe dream.

“I’ll never be able to afford it, but I know I won’t regret it if I ever can, and I don’t know why it upsets people,” she said, according to “It’s the same as a transsexual man having his penis cut off. It’s never coming back, but they know it’s what they want.”

Chloe does get some support from her wife, Danielle Saint-Marie, 44.

Early in their marriage, she let Jennings-White pretend to be paraplegic at home. It meant she was stuck with all the housework. and she did not seem to care.

“Part of her wished I wasn’t in the wheelchair, but she knew it was the only thing that helped, so she played along,” Chloe says.

As the public begins to embrace people who identify as transgender, the trans people within the disability movement are also seeking their due.

But this has been met with great resistance in both the disability activist community and in transgender circles, argues Baril, a visiting scholar of feminist, gender and sexuality studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

“They tend to see transabled people as dishonest people, people who try to steal resources from the community, people who would be disrespectful by denying or fetishizing or romanticizing disability reality,” Baril says, adding people in both transgender and disabled circles tend to make judgmental or prejudicial statements about transabled people. “Each try to distance themselves.”

What is next?

I expect soon that pedophiles will begin to self identify as children in order to justify their actions.

The world has gone nuts!

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