Teacher Turns Herself In After Having Sex With MULTIPLE Students!

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A special education teacher who was already in trouble with the law for having sex with one of her students back in June, has just been arrested for having sexual relations with another student.

Laura Ramos, 31, turned herself into police Wednesday morning when she was caught off guard after learning that she had a warrant out for her arrest.

She was arrested on two counts of second-degree sexual assault, and only released after putting up $50,000 for her bond. The charge is the same one that she was already in hot water for, when she was charged earlier this summer.

Police investigators are now saying that Ramos most likely had sex with at least four students, though she has only been formally charged in connection to two of them.

Ramos’ husband attended her first arraignment, but unsurprisingly, didn’t even show up on Wednesday, as she was slammed with the new charges.

Daily Mail:

During the hearing, she sat alone in the back of the courtroom, combing her hair and staring into her pink cellphone, according to the CT Post.

Judge William Holden ordered Ramos not to have further contact with her alleged victims. She is due back in court for that case on August 14.

Ramos resigned from her job at Central High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut after her first arrest.

Three days after Ramos was arrested in June, police say another victim came forward and admitted to having sex with the teacher.

The student said that in April, he went with Ramos to a restaurant in Fairfield and that after dinner the two had sex in her car in the parking lot.

Later that month, they met up at another restaurant in Shelton, and had sex in the restaurant’s ‘electrical room’. This was after Ramos allegedly complained about her husband not wanting to have sex with her. After that, the teen said Ramos sent him a text message saying it was the best sex she had ever had.

Police first started investigating Ramos on June 9, when they were called to the school following a complaint of sexual assault.

Officers say a student at the school told a teacher Ramos had been having sexual intercourse with one of her students in the special education program.

Ramos had already confessed to the police that she had a relationship with the victim from December 23, 2016 until April 2017.  That relationship meant a number of sexual encounters during this period. Another student told school officials that Ramos had really started their relationship by using texts messages. In these text messages, Ramos supposedly disclosed to her victim that she was having marital problems.

According to documents from the police:

‘Ms. Ramos would complain that her “man” or “guy” does not want to have sex or do anything with her.’


The student said he began to suspicious that one of his classmates was involved in inappropriate relations with Ramos.

‘Witness 1 noticed the victim would hang out in Ms. Ramos’ class and… would watch them make eyes at each other like flirting.’

The witness also testified that the text messages were very sexually-charged. When detectives approached Ramos at first, she denied having a sexual relationship with the student, but then admitted to her crime later after she first tried to talk to her student about covering up the relationship…

Ramos has since been resigned from her teaching gig, and awaits trial.

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