Starbucks Exec Chairman Howard Schultz Suggests Violence Against Whites Is Justified!

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As if Starbucks has not offended most Americans already, the former CEO and now Special Projects Director suggests that ‘violence is OK, against Whites’!

The company seems to be working hard to offend the majority of its clientele so that it can go on public assistance!

CEO Howard Schultz did not even put the message out personally, the moron used the Starbucks official Twitter account!

So Howard, what are you trying to say?

That there can be no bigotry, hatred and senseless violence against white people?

Or that you’re cool with it?

People were outraged over Schultz’s comments and called for more boycotts of Starbucks.

The response was overwhelming and Starbucks just dug in, walking around ever declaring that violence against white people was bad.


Note, they did not use the word violence in their response, but discrimination. They are clearly nuts!

The Twitter feed was full of responses to Starbucks as they continued to dance around the subject!

But it is, Starbucks! YOU were the ones who included a “specific group of people” in your tweet!!

TOTALLY Asinine!

CEO Howard Schultz is clearly delusional.

In a speech Schultz gave to Starbucks workers, he let everyone feel a rock he brought back from Auschwitz and compared the slaughter of millions to what is going on now in America. The company published an article about the speech and quoted a new worker about what he got from the Schultz speech.

He said:

“That rock represented the blood of millions who fell victim to something very similar to what we are facing now,” he said quietly.

Starbucks former CEO Howard Schultz made headlines recently by promising to hire 10,000 refugees in response to Donald Trump’s immigration ban, prompting a #BoycottStarbucks social media backlash from supporters of the President’s policy. It made him…a former CEO.

Starbucks should have fired him altogether!

Instead they decided to pander!

Starbucks doubled down on its mission to convince Americans that it’s extremely ‘INTO’ the military. They desigend cup sleeves that now spell it out loud and clear: Bold font on the side reads,

“10,000 veterans and military spouses hired. And counting.” The sleeves also have a special color scheme: camouflage, but with coffee beans as the earth-tone splotches.

Officially, they’re part of a larger campaign that encourages people “to really get to know” America’s veterans.

They will accomplish that by encouraging Americans to look for a veteran at their local Starbucks. Seriously!

As fodder, the company released a couple of ads that feature ex-military baristas talking to “real-life co-workers” about why it’s not okay for civilians to approach them and (in the words of one Navy veteran) say things like, “Oh, snap! Did you kill a lot of people?”

Starbucks declares it does hire veterans! They have almost 10,000 out of 160,000 employees! That is almost 5 percent of the company’s workforce. (And as a side note, it plans to hire another 15,000 by 2025.

Yes, 2025. Morons!

Time to totally boycott Starbucks en masse! Five straight quarters of decreased sales prove that the Conservative dollars matter. Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schulz’ repeated attacks on Conservatives have already hit the coffee giant where it hurts the most…in the pocketbook.

It caused Starbucks to remove Howard Schultz as CEO. How far will the coffee company go before they wither altogether?!


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