Who Is Standing Right Across From This Liberal Is Setting Internet on Fire!

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Want to make a liberal leftist angry? Nothing makes a liberal more angry than the truth, especially when that truth comes from a black Southern man who proudly likes to display his Confederate heritage.

Supporters of the Confederate culture like Byron Thomas and others exist. Ironically it’s the liberals on the left who will tear down these examples. I guess they don’t want anyone showing opposition to them, especially in front of a crowd or camera.

Shocking to most is how dismissive liberals or leftists tend to be of these men and women.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

To see what I mean, check out the photo below:

To the left stands a black man proudly waving a Confederate flag, and to the right stands a white liberal with a “Black Lives Matter” sign. The dichotomy could not be any more real.

If “Black Lives Matter” to the hipster doofus featured in the picture above, then why do leftists like him so often taunt non-liberal blacks?

Take Byron Thomas, for instance, a then-University of South Carolina student who penned a column for The Washington Post two years ago describing the abuse he faced for his unapologetic pride in his own Confederate heritage.

You see, four years ago, Byron Thomas became a national news story. He hung a Confederate flag from his dorm room at the University of South Carolina – Beaufort. His ancestor, Benjamin Thomas was a black Confederate cook. Byron hung the flag in honor of his ancestor’s hard work and dedication to South Carolina during the Civil War.


Byron said at the time,

“My Confederate flag isn’t racist; after all, I am black. I’m also an American who strongly believes in the constitutional right to free speech. I fought back against the university’s demand that I take my flag down simply because others view it as a symbol of racism. I fought back against the racist interpretation of the flag and I won.”

Byron added,

“Racists hijacked the Confederate flag, and by effectively banning it on college campuses and government grounds, we would allow them to keep it.”

“I love the Confederate flag, but I love South Carolina and its citizens more. While the flag’s existence on the statehouse grounds never offended me — and it still does not today — I can’t ignore the deep pain that it causes for many people in my state. I can’t ignore that many can’t love South Carolina as I do until the flag is removed. Continuing to let it fly at our capitol could incite the kind of protests and violence that have erupted in other states that ignore the pain of some of its citizens. I don’t want to see fires, looting and violence in our streets simply because we refuse to let go of symbols of our past. That kind of demonstration would be out of line with the friendly and patriotic character of South Carolina.”

“We may never completely agree on whether the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism or pride, and whether the Civil War was fought primarily over slavery or state’s rights. But South Carolinians should turn their focus to what we do agree on: that we are citizens of the greatest country in the world and the most patriotic state in the nation. As such, just two banners should fly over our statehouse grounds: the South Carolina flag and the American flag.”

Despite then Gov. Niki Haley taking down the Confederate flag on the Capitol, Byron Thomas continued to hang the Confederate flag in his apartment.

Following which Thomas wrote,

“I’ve been called ‘an Uncle Tom’ and ‘a sellout,’ and accused of despising my race. Let me be clear: I love the skin that I am in. God gave me my skin color, but he also gave me freedom to think for myself and the right to stand by my beliefs. My skin color should not determine how I think, what I believe and what flags I hang in my home.”

The mostly liberal readers of the Post felt otherwise, as evidenced by the insults they peppered him with in the column’s comments section.

“Sounds like your ancestor was an Uncle Tom and so are you,” wrote one liberal jerk. “You don’t see any Jews flying the swastika do you?”

Sigh …

Incidentally, a CNN/ORC poll conducted that same year found that a 57 percent majority of Americans and 17 percent minority of blacks “see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism.”

I guess that these 17 percent of blacks must all be “Uncle Toms” as well, huh?

There is no reasoning of left wing or radical leftists. It doesn’t matter how much evidence we find or share. The leftists will always think of conservatives as racists, sellouts and even deplorables. But some, like Byron Thomas might just call us Freedom Lovers or Defenders of the Constitution!


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