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Six Flags Theme Parks Appease Hollywood Liberals by Removing TEXAS State Flag! Texans BOYCOTT!


Six Flags Over Texas has decided to remove the Texas state flag from its entrance in order to capitulate to the Hollywood Liberals and ANTIFA’s demands to sanitize the world of anything offensive!

In Fact, they removed ALL of the flags that have represented Texas and replaced them with the US Flag.

The flags of France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas and the Confederacy will no longer fly over Six Flags parks.

Six Flags Theme Parks Appease Hollywood Liberals by Removing TEXAS State Flag! Texans BOYCOTT!


Call their corporate office 972-595-5000 and let them know what you think about this. Call even if you have to leave a voicemail. Six Flags Facebook

They did the insane act in haste after TMZ did an article claiming the theme park would not remove the Confederate Flag.

Since 1961, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has been known for flying six flags over its park.

In a blog post, it called the flag’s display a “homage to slavery,” and further claimed the flag is embraced by “racists” and “white supremacists.”

A spokesperson for Six Flags rebuffed this claim, noting that the flag flying over its entrance is the Confederate States flag and not the battle flag, which has traditionally been the center of debate.

Six Flags Theme Parks Appease Hollywood Liberals by Removing TEXAS State Flag! Texans BOYCOTT!


Then all of a sudden… the Corporate office just removed the 5 other flags.

TMZ was proud to post: “Six Flags Over Texas waved the white flag … it’s removed the Confederate States of America flag.”

Six Flags over Texas is in a dilemma now as most Texans, even most Democrats, are furious. Social media was full of angry patrons declaring they would no longer frequent the park.

I myself have been an annual pass holder for years. I’ve purchased 4 passes a year as well as their dinner passes. I have spent about $5k over the years and will not spend one more dime, ever.

Call their corporate office 972-595-5000 and let them know what you think about this. Call even if you have to leave a voicemail. Six Flags Facebook

At the time of this writing, 70% were against the insanity.

This was the Six Flags over Texas explanation:

“At Six Flags Over Texas we strive every single day to make people happy and to create a fun, thrilling and safe family friendly experience for our guests,” spokeswoman Sharon Parker said. “We always choose to focus on celebrating the things that unite us versus those that divide us. As such, we have changed the flag displays in our park to feature American flags. “

Officials said that park visitors are “astute enough to know the difference.”. They do not even know the half of it!

There are 20 theme parks in the U.S., Mexico and Canada that are run by Six Flags Entertainment. Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio and Six Flags Over Georgia flew the same six flags as Arlington’s park, according to the Star-Telegram.

The same change will be made at those two parks.

Since its inception, Six Flags played upon Texas history as a major theme. But that has been downplayed in recent years as the park expanded and renovated.

“When Six Flags Over Texas was being planned during the Eisenhower administration, the founders settled on six themed areas and decided to use the historic fact of the flags of six nations that had flown over Texas as the basis of the themed areas,” Parker said. “Since that time, the park has moved on to incorporate many other themes. The Six Flags represent our brand across the world; no longer the themed areas of a park that opened in 1961.”

Well, they just might be leaving Texas period. They picked the wrong state to go politically correct for sure!

It is not the first time Six Flags over Texas has taken heat.

A military veteran who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan says he was reduced to tears when a Texas Six Flags refused to allow him to accompany his 14-year-old daughter on a ride.

Sgt. Stephen Jackel told KMOV-TV that he was told by the amusement park he was not permitted to go on the ride because their policy states individuals must have one functional leg and arm.

Six Flags insists the policy is in place for safety reasons.

However, Jackel — who uses two prosthetic legs — insists park personnel never informed him of the policy when he purchased his tickets.

Further, the veteran adds that when he simply asked for a refund, he was denied. According to him, Six Flags would only offer him complimentary tickets for another day, something he says is useless.

Jackel said he became so frustrated with how the park treated him that he broke down in tears.

“My daughter was there the entire time,” he said. “It got so frustrating that I broke down in front of her and cried.”


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