Sheriff Joe Arpaio Found Guilty of Criminal Contempt

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I can’t quite believe this happened, but former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt late yesterday. He’s 85 years-old now and he served six terms (24 years) as Maricopa County Sheriff. He did an awesome job of it too and many love him to this day for it. Then Obama started attacking Sheriff Joe legally. He survived the first two bogus attacks, but the third time’s the charm and this time it stuck. He could get up to six years in prison, but his attorneys don’t think they’ll sentence him to that because of his age. Others are reporting he could only get six months… the equivalent of a misdemeanor charge.

Obama stacked the courts with liberals for just such an occasion. The judge said that Arpaio’s own words did him in. His own quotes were cited more than 20 times in a federal judge’s ruling that found him guilty of criminal contempt of court. He was found criminally guilty for refusing to stop traffic patrols that targeted illegal aliens. In a verdict filed Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton said evidence demonstrated Arpaio’s “flagrant disregard” for another federal judge’s order that halted his signature immigration round-ups. Let me translate, because Arpaio insisted on upholding the rule of law, they found him guilty of criminal behavior. Ironic doesn’t begin to cover this.

Arpaio will face sentencing on Oct. 5th of this year. The judge continued: “Credible testimony shows that the Defendant knew of the order and what the order meant in regards to the MCSO’s policy of detaining persons who did not have state charges for turnover to ICE for civil immigration violations,” the ruling read. “Despite this knowledge, (the) Defendant broadcast to the world and to his subordinates that he would and they should continue ‘what he had always been doing.’” This is the same sort of legal attack the President has been subject to and I consider it unconstitutional.

Sheriff Joe’s defense entailed that the order was unclear and that, although mistakes had been made, the violations were unintended. Willful intent is required to prove criminal contempt rather than civil contempt. Unfortunately, I have a feeling he was deemed guilty from the very beginning. His attorneys will now appeal his case and press for a jury trial.

Arpaio was infamous for making inmates where pink underwear and jailing them in tents out in the heat. He had signature chain gangs that he oversaw. Arpaio made hundreds of arrests, hunting down illegal immigrants wherever he could. These judges say that he was racially profiling Latinos. That’s not true. He was going for those breaking our laws. He should be honored, not prosecuted like this.

His attorneys issued this statement: “Joe Arpaio is in this for the long haul,” the statement concluded. “And he will continue to fight to vindicate himself, to prove his innocence, and to protect the public.” Prosecutors say Arpaio violated the order so he could promote his immigration enforcement efforts in a move to boost his 2012 re-election campaign. I don’t buy that for a moment. Arpaio is dedicated to the rule of law and securing our borders. This was simply a witch hunt. President Trump should step in here as this is extremely unjust in my viewpoint. It’s a total miscarriage of justice.

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