Sebastian Gorka Resigns From Trump Administration!

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Sebastian Gorka is a US citizen born in Britain with Hungarian parents. He was the Deputy Assistant to President Trump. Gorka often focused on key issues such as radical Islamic terrorism, the diplomatic crisis in Qatar, and managing relations with China. He was brought into the Trump administration by former Breitbart News editor, Stephen Bannon who recently resigned from the White House.

It looks like those aligned to Stephen Bannon may be taking this fight to a whole new level. Gorka stated in a letter addressed to Trump, “the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.”

First Bannon, then Gorka. Makes you wonder if Julia Hahn is next?

H/T Breitbart News:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who has served as deputy assistant to President Donald Trump since January, resigned from the White House administration on Friday evening.

Given recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote in a letter addressed to the president. “As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.”

Sources within the administration close to Dr. Gorka claim he became disillusioned because Trump’s key policy platform of fighting radical Islamic terrorism was repeatedly undermined when his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, fired key individuals from the National Security Council who were loyal to that platform.

A source close to Dr. Gorka claimed that he made his decision following the president’s speech in which he indicated he would escalate America’s war in Afghanistan. “The anti-MAGAs” have control of Trump’s foreign policy, the source said.

In his resignation letter, he also expressed disappointment with the administration’s new foreign policy direction, particularly in light of Donald Trump’s most recent speech in which he announced his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Gorka wrote:

“Regrettably, outside of yourself, the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will “Make America Great Again,” have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months. This was made patently obvious as I read the text of your speech on Afghanistan this week.

“The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech removed any mention of Radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost …  Just as worrying, when discussing our future actions in the region, the speech listed operational objectives without ever defining the strategic victory conditions we are fighting for. This omission should seriously disturb any national security professional, and any American who is unsatisfied with the last 16 years of disastrous policy decisions which have led to thousands of Americans killed and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent in ways that have not brought security or victory.”

As Breitbart News claims, Gorka had also become deeply frustrated with the unprecedented levels of personal abuse propagated against him by the mainstream media –which included attacks against Gorka’a children – as well the numerous bureaucratic obstacles used to slow down his work on national security issues, including delaying Gorka’s final permanent national security clearance.

Pretty amazing right? Here is an national security adviser who was NOT give permant national security clearance mainly due to his connections to the Order of Vitéz. Makes you wonder what the government is hiding that Gorka would have had his hands tied to do his job. Doesn’t suprise me though.

After Stephen Bannon resigned, he stated he was “going to war for Trump”. Bannon claimed he finally had his ‘hands free’ too. Of course, the one thing we enjoyed hearing from Bannon was when he stated,

I am definitely going to crush the opposition. There’s no doubt.

We can be sure that Dr. Gorka, a renowned specialist when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism, will be working in some capacity either with Breitbart News or Stephen Bannon. According to Breibart News, they are currently in negotiations with Dr. Gorka regarding his support for the website, as well as collaboration on a joint venture that would embody a Jacksonian national security vision.

The next question is will Julia Hahn, an anti-immigration hardliner and Bannon’s protege, be joining Bannon and Gorka….”with their hands free” and “going to War for Trump”?  Only time will tell. Pull up your seat and get your popcorn ready, because one thing is for sure, things are about to get a little more interesting….on the outside of the White House.

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