Sales of Bomb Shelters Skyrocket and Who’s Buying Might Surprise You!

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A few weeks ago I watched the old movie Blast From the Past starring Brendan Fraser with my teen son. The movie features a family in the 1960’s who mistake a plane crashing into their yard with a nuclear attack. They then live the next 35 years in a extremely decked out bomb shelter complete with a fishery and artificial grass for the “backyard”.

The movie led to some interesting conversations about the need for such a place in today’s world. We talked about what we would need, how we would pass the time and how we would probably go out of our minds. Who knew that there were so many people who were doing more than talking, but actually building such shelters across not only America, but the world?

It used to be thought only fringe groups of preppers would drop large amounts of money on bunkers that would protect them when all hell broke loose with the government. But not anymore. Between terrorist threats and tensions with North Korea, even liberals are determining they are better safe than sorry.

H/T Breitbart

“The continuing threats by North Korea’s “Dear Respected Comrade” Kim Jong Un to nuke the United States has boosted the bomb shelter business, which was already booming as progressive liberals joined conservative preppers in getting ready for the “big one.”

Sales and inquiries for bomb shelters have been booming ever since President Trump was elected in November. A business that for years had been the associated with conservative “preppers” hedging the risk against a total financial collapse has now spread to progressive liberals fearing that the new president’s aggressive military rearmament will crash the new world order.

Texas-based Clyde Scott, owner of the “Rising S Company” (named for Jesus Christ, “the rising Son”), told CNBC this spring that his bomb shelter business went up 500 to 700 percent after Trump’s election due to orders from liberal states like California and New York: “We’ve had liberals coming out of the woodwork to protect themselves.”

America’s top bunker builder is 72-year-old Atlas Survival Shelters, which is located in Montebello, California and has offices in Utah, Texas, Washington and Japan. Atlas makes single and multi-room shelters made from laser-cut galvanized corrugated pipe that feature escape hatches that carry a 200-year guarantee. Their combination bomb-and-tornado-proof, 8-foot-by-8 foot “Bombnado” that starts at $18,999.

The Atlas top-of-the line $339,900 10-room “U” model covers 2,500 square feet and features a decontamination room; a Swiss-made air-filtration system; an overpressure blast valve; an escape tunnel; an escape pod; shelving; gun racks; and huge under-floor water and food storage spaces.

Atlas president Ron Hubbard told the McClatchy News Service that the company was already having a good year, and that North Korea’s rhetoric had caused an increase in demand coming from all over:

“We are getting hundreds of calls.” He was confident that the company will have a record year that will see over 1,000 sales and installations.

Hubbard is expanding with a new 400,000-square-foot plant opening in Dallas to serve the hot Japanese market. Japan and North Korea are separated by only a 500-mile straight shot across the Sea of Japan.

Town and Country magazine featured a story last August that reported it is becoming standard for a residential real estate property priced at $10 million and above to feature at least a personal safety “panic room,” like the lead-lined one from the 2002 Jodie Foster film of the same name.

These fortresses feature state-of-the-arts infrared cameras, laser-based movement detectors, and facial recognition cameras. The units, which were once made of the same steel as safes, are now built from ballistic fiberglass that can handle any natural disaster, civil insurrection, or domestic terrorist attack.

Lana Corbi, founder of Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments, told Town and Country that her company offers discriminating bomb shelter customers such creature comforts as a lap pool and a putting green”.

Bomb shelters can range from the bare necessities for us commoners, to underground palaces with putting greens and pools. If you’ve got the money, you may be able to survive the apocalypse in comfort and style.

While the increase in sales is likely due to the increased tensions with North Korea, bomb shelters can protect you from biological attacks and even natural disasters. It sure would be a nice place to have if you need it. Just don’t tell anyone. Or guess where they will head when the time comes?

I never really liked the idea of being scared into dropping big sums of money on something that, statistically, I would likely never use. However, in times like these, I suppose a peace of mind is hard to put a price tag on. One thing is for sure, my bunker doesn’t need a swimming pool, but it better have a coffee maker with a 30 year supply of Folgers.

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