Open Letter to ANYONE Saying Antifa Was JUST a “Counter Protest” in Charlottesville!

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I wrote this to a young 16-year-old who has bought into the idea that the Antifa counter protesters in Charlottesville were just there for peaceful counter protest.

I share it with you and encourage you to share it as well.

You posted yesterday, and then deleted, “and putting counter-protesters on the same level as Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right simply because one side “had a permit.”

Open Letter to ANYONE Saying Antifa Was JUST a "Counter Protest" in Charlottesville!

That is a false narrative! Antifa and BLM are hate groups, with Antifa being a hate group that wears hoods. There is plenty of factual evidence of this, from their words to their actions.

You have chosen to outright ignore this in order to stand where you do.

Antifa and BLM showed up at that counter-protest with absolutely no intention of anything peaceful. They came armed with balloons full of chemicals and items to throw. They came to instigate fights.

Both sides have horrific ideology. But Antifa and BLM are the ones who have a record of riots and violence. Pointing that out in no way gives the white supremacists, of whom I detested a long time before you were even thought of, excuse.

But the difference, and what makes BLM and Antifa worse, is that their history this last few years includes a LOT of violence. I challenged you to a ping pong, you refused because you know you would lose in one volley.

As horrific is the white supremacists are in ideology, they have not been burning things down and causing riots. Again, that does not excuse WS. What it does do is keep you, as you have been doing, from relegating BLM and Antifa to: “Peaceful counter-protesters.”

You can spout your false narrative of “simply because one side “had a permit.” You can believe the false narrative of “simply because one side “had a permit.”  And you can “simply because one side “had a permit.” all you want. It BLATANTLY goes against facts on the ground.

You cannot ping pong this, because scour the internet all you want, you cannot come up with examples of white supremacists, no matter how vulgar and hateful their ideology, rioting, burning down, destroying property, and causing chaos. (Ping Pong was a challenge that was refused. I challenged posting back and forth, riots from hate on the right and left.)

Now you can add to BLM and Antifa, anarchy, as they take it upon themselves to tear down public property.

And while we are at it, on both sides, I looked at pictures long and hard, the BULK is made up of people in their 20’s, some in their 30’s, and a few older. So this is your generation, not mine causing this chaos. My generation got along just perfectly fine. We didn’t have white folks being blamed for what happened and the white supremacy movement was at an all time low, you hardly ever saw them. Most were in the backwoods of Idaho.

There was no “cops are systematically killing black people” nonsense. We all got along. And I grew up in a melting pot where there were equal amounts of lots of races – Black, Hispanic, Asian, Portugese, and White. There was none of this crap.

But you just keep on with your one side is ‘evil’ and one side is ‘innocent’ mantra. Obviously no amount of facts will change your mind. But what you believe, nor what the MSM spouts, nor what the rest of the liberals spout, changes the facts on the ground.

Just in case you want to accuse me of making excuses for white supremacists again: They are evil, vile, disgusting, and I was saying that 35 years ago.

The President was correct, both sides are vile. You are incorrect, one side is FAR from innocent.


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