Obama Admin Knew Nasty NK Secret But Kept Silent!

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Unlike Obama, Trump is not afaid to back up his words with actions. Trump isn’t just going to draw a ‘thin red line’ like Obama did and cross his fingers and hope that no one crosses it. As demonstrated already by Trump’s actions against Syria and Afghanistan, he has demonstrated to other world leaders, they are not going to get away with committing treacherous crimes against their own citizens, others or even ours.

Unlike Obama, Trump is also not going to hide any intelligence reports and then shy away from making the tough decisions. It’s the main reason why the Trump administration recently made public intelligence information about North Korea. The sad part is, Obama KNEW about the intelligence reports, purposefully buried it, so he could then do absolutely NOTHING about it.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Newly uncovered evidence suggests the seemingly bombshell news North Korea now possesses the capability to fit a miniaturized nuclear warhead onto a missile isn’t so bombshell after all.

In a report by The New York Times four years ago, this exact same “bombshell” was revealed: “A new assessment by the (Defense Intelligence Agency) has concluded for the first time, with ‘moderate confidence,’ that North Korea has learned how to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be delivered by a ballistic missile.”

Then why is this news only now getting widespread attention? Because of the Obama administration, according to Fred Fleitz, the senior vice president for policy and programs with the Center for Security Policy.

Writing for Fox News, Fleitz explained how the current crisis ties back to crucial Obama administration decisions — and dishonesty — on dealing with North Korea. In short, the Obama White House purposefully tried to bury this disclosure four years ago by claiming most intelligence officials disagreed with the DIA’s assessment. None of this is happening in a vacuum.

The DIA report represented inconvenient facts that threatened President Obama’s North Korea ‘strategic patience’ policy — a policy to do nothing about North Korea and kick this problem down the road to the next president,” he wrote.

“Obama officials tried to downplay the DIA assessment to prevent it from being used to force the president to employ a more assertive North Korea policy.”

Now fast forward to Tuesday, when a “bombshell” story by The Washington Post rehashed the same basic news the Times published four years ago; and ask yourself this:

“What’s the difference between then and now?”

Fleitz theorized that since President Donald Trump hasn’t condemned the latest report, the intelligence information contained within it was likely purposefully given to The Post to advance the president’s agenda.

That is, instead of concealing intelligence to avoid taking action against the tough North Korea problem like the Obama administration did, the Trump administration publicized this same intelligence to demonstrate the seriousness of this threat and why decisive action by the United States is required,” he wrote.

Feitz’s piece set off a chorus of outrage on social media.

In 2013, Obama covered up existence of North Korea’s mini-nukes http://fb.me/uqbbPRi8

Get that folks? OBAMA ADMIN DOWNPLAYED N. KOREA’S MINI-NUKE DEVELOPMENT. So when things go down, remember who set it up.

as time goes on the ineptitude of the Community Organizer in Chief is coming out….by the far the worst POTUS in history

Thanks Obama. All his leftovers r rotten.

Yep! President Trump wasn’t kidding, when he said, he inherited a mess! Obama never put his man pants on. He never took on anyone. In fact, most leaders around the world thought he was pretty much useless and pathetic as a leader. He let other countries bully him and America around.

This mess we are now in with North Korea….you might say is all due to Obama being a wussy! North Korea’s ‘Fatboy’ Kim Jong Un had plenty of time under Obama’s presidency to build up North Korea’s nuclear technology. In fact, it wouldn’t even surprise me, by the time this whole mess with the Awan brothers is done, that Americans will discover many top security or classified information was probably even sold to our enemies like North Korea.

So, we have Barack Hussein Obama to thank. Thanks for nothing, Obama!


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