New Poll Shows Who Would Win If Election Were Held Today…

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The election was a mere ten months ago, and I am sure we all remember the day quite well. For most of us, the day was met with dread. Hillary was already popping the champagne cork and the media already had her all but officially declared the winner.

Trump didn’t have a shot. Trump voters might as well not have bothered to even vote. But we did, and we crushed her. And it was glorious.

Since that day this country has appeared to be more divided than ever in my lifetime. But we can’t forget, the reason things make the news is because they are an anomaly. Watching the news these days would have you believe there are race riots going on across the country on every corner. But turn off the news and look around and you can see that’s just not the case. The media is trying to shape our reality, but for most people, real life is what they trust.

The news would have us believe that not only do Trump supporters regret their vote, but that there are many Hillary supporters who didn’t vote and wish they should have.  Those two factors would make for a very different election were the election held again today.

Except that’s simply not true! While watching the MSM has us believing that America hates Trump, it’s just not the case. Hollywood does their best to convince us that they speak for us all. Also, not true. The fact is, if the election were held today, the results would be the same.

H/T Daily Wire

The North Carolina-based Civitas Institute released the findings of a nonpartisan poll on Wednesday that will be sure to anger the Democrat Party and their allies in the mainstream media.

Civitas conducted the poll August 7 and 8, surveying 400 registered, likely, and unaffiliated voters.

Their participants were asked:

If you had a chance to do it all over again, for whom would you vote for President between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Gary Johnson?

The poll found that 43% would vote for Donald Trump while Hillary Clinton only won 39%. Third party Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson won 9% while the other 9% refused to answer or were unsure.

This will come as a surprise to the Left and the mainstream media, which have been insisting that Trump is unpopular thanks to a variety of manufactured controversies like the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, his attacks on the press, and his perceived unpopularity.

Civitas President Col. Francis De Luca explained, “This result appears to illustrate two things: that Trump voters are sticking with him, and that elections are binary. Despite Donald Trump’s perceived unpopularity, when compared to another actual candidate, he remains ahead.”

The shocking thing is that unaffiliated voters tipped the scale in Trump’s favor. For weeks, the media has been parroting the Democrats’ talking point that Trump’s base is weakening.

Instead, the opposite seems to be happening. His base only seems to grow stronger as the Left continues their relentless attacks on the Republican president.

Josh Kraushaar, politics editor at National Journal, pointed out on Twitter, “Trump won by 4 in 2016. ‘Leading’ by 4 now.”

Civitas polled election do-over in North Carolina: Trump 43%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 9%. Trump won by 4 in 2016. “Leading” by 4 now.”

I’m shocked that CNN hasn’t been shouting this from the rooftops! Yeah right!?

The media is very good at completely ignoring facts and misleading us into thinking the country has buyer’s remorse from last November. They hate Trump so much that they will literally ignore the fact that he still maintains the support of the people. It’s simply unfathomable to them that people can possibly still support him after all of their efforts to “enlighten” us of how evil he is.

I’m not saying there haven’t been some disappointments along the way this year, but overall, I think Trump voters are satisfied. While we are still waiting on healthcare and taxes to be taken care of, one thing we all agree on is that a Hillary presidency would have been a complete disaster. She would have done so much damage by now. It’s terrifying to even think about.

The voters were very clear they wanted a shift from the Obama/Hillary far left insanity to an outsider. Despite the efforts to paint Trump as an evil racist, the American people are still smart enough to see that liberalism is the real evil.

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