New Mexico Spree Killer Attempted To Escape Jail, Trapping One Guard And Attacking Another [VIDEO]

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A college student now facing charges for killing five people in a shooting spree has made an attempt to try and escape jail by locking one guard in his cell and then attacking another official with a flashlight.

Newly discharged footage shows Damian Herrera audaciously trying to escape jail not once, but for the second time after being locked up for allegedly shooting and killing five people in Rio Arriba, New Mexico just last month.

The 21-year-old college student was seen on camera locking a guard in his cell and getting hold of a flashlight to attack another official, striking him in the head several times.

Herrera ended up in a rough wrestling match with several other guards, and was even Tasered and restrained in his furious escape attempt on July 15. Now police are trying to get the man accused of killing three of his family members and two strangers, transferred out of their jail and into a prison for the safety of their own community.

The whole escape attempt took a total of seven minutes, with Herrera managing to get a jail guard trapped in his cell after lying and saying that his toilet was broken.

Daily Mail:

The surveillance video begins by showing an on-duty guard entering into Herrera’s cell to check on the ‘broken toilet’, with Herrera slowly wandering outside the room.

Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan added to KOAT:

‘He told one of the guards that was on duty that his toilet wasn’t working. So the guard went ahead and opened the door to check the toilet. When he went in to check the toilet, Mr. Herrera locked him into the cell.’

In no particular hurry, a shirtless Herrera then wanders into the guard station before spotting a flashlight under a desk. He then quickly picks it up before running and hiding behind a corner of a wall, as he hears another guard approaching.

Lujan said:

‘As the guard passed the corner of the wall, [Herrera] struck him with a flashlight and then a fight ensued. So they had a wrestling match going around in the booking area.’

When the guard rounds the corner, Herrera is seen attacking him with the flashlight before the guard attempts to flee. In a scuffle that lasts minutes, several guards are needed to restrain Herrera. One even tries to stun the accused murderer with a Taser but it didn’t stop Herrera from continuing to fight. He is eventually strapped into a chair but still tries to break free of the restraints.

Lujan said Herrera would be looking at more charges for the second attempted escape, although didn’t explain what further into what charges he would be facing.

The official also stated:

‘We need to get him housed at another facility where he’s going to be under constant watch because, obviously, he’s a danger and a menace to our jail.’


Herrera’s first escape involved him actually getting out of his cell and nearly making it to the jail’s kitchen, before being swarmed and and caught by guards.

It seems like this guy really doesn’t like jail…Maybe lethal injection would be a better option for a murderer, no?

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