Media Matters Wants To Take Down Sean Hannity By Attacking His Advertisers

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Surprise, surprise… Media Matters is back and is taking direct aim at Sean Hannity once again. They successfully took down Bill O’Reilly through his advertisers and through leftists carefully planted at Fox News. The first time they tried this on Hannity, he lawyered up and it failed. This time, he may not be so lucky. I’ve said for awhile that Hannity needs to have an exit strategy. With the Murdoch boys in control, I still think his days are numbered. They are into purging the conservative side of Fox News and Hannity is the one of the last holdouts there.

Media Matters is a very powerful left-wing activist organization. If you’ve been around in the blogosphere for any amount of time, they’ve probably attacked you. But in this case, they are taking the millions of dollars donated by such communists as George Soros and they are laser focusing their efforts on Sean Hannity. Many of his advertisers have already proven that through sufficient pressure, they will drop him like day-old leftovers. They came crawling back before… this time, I don’t think they will.

Media Matters is specifically aiming at pro-Trump advertisers. The front page of their site makes it abundantly clear what their goal is here. To take down Sean Hannity once and for all. From that page, you are directed to a petition where you can help “Stop Sean Hannity” by letting his advertisers know that they “will get burned if they continue to associate with Hannity.” Nice and fascist.

You will see there a list of Hannity’s advertisers and I recommend you contact them and tell them the exact opposite. Media Matters states: “Sean Hannity is functioning as a propagandist in order to advance a political agenda in support of Donald Trump.” It’s a lie, but the advertisers don’t care. They care about perception. So, the loudest voices will dictate their actions. The advertiser list was updated last Thursday.

Media Matters is also sending out email and using social media to whip their supporters into a Trump-hating frenzy. “Today, Media Matters is launching an effort to encourage Hannity’s sponsors to stop financially supporting his propaganda,” reads a Media Matters email sent to supporters on Friday evening. “At this point, if a company is sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show, it’s essentially supporting a Trump propaganda operation.” The email includes a link to the petition page targeting Hannity’s advertisers.

Media Matters has been VERY busy on social media. They have been flooding it with negative posts concerning Hannity’s long career on TV and radio. They follow that up periodically by airing a list of his advertisers. Right now, Hannity is number one on Fox News. O’Reilly was too and that didn’t save him. His show airs at 10 pm and his ratings have been terrific. He is an avid supporter of President Trump and isn’t ashamed of that. He’s one of the few out there with a major voice that does support Trump. This has made him the primary target of Media Matter’s blood lust. There’s not a leftist out there that wouldn’t love to take him down.

The first time this happened was back in May after Hannity ran with the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. They pounced on that one. Several advertisers as a result pulled their ads. One of those was military insurance group USAA. I think they eventually came back. Conservative activists in turn attacked the advertisers of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and other liberal hosts. I hope they do that again. USAA pulled their ads from Maddow’s show as well. They eventually went back to her too.

Hannity is a prime target and conservatives need to fight back here. We are systematically being picked off by these goons. I say fight fire with fire and target advertisers as much as they do. Don’t let Media Matters and George Soros gain any more ground here.

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