Mayweather vs McGregor: The ‘Money Fight’ – Who’s Da’ Man?

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It’s called ‘The Money Fight’ or ‘The 180 Million Dollar Dance’.  Saturday is allegedly THE fight. It’s when the professional boxing super-fight between Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor takes place. It’s the face off between the 11-time, 5-division professional boxing champion Mayweather and the current UFC Lightweight Champion McGregor.  Everyone’s asking,… ‘Who’s Da’ Man?’

The fight takes place on August 26th, Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.  For those who can afford to be in attendance in Sin City at the T-Mobile Arena, fight tickets range from $2500 to $15,000. Although last I checked, some tickets were still available for a little over $1200 a piece.

Even though the arena in Las Vegas will be packed to the ceiling, the promoters are hoping millions more will be watching the fight around the world on their big screens at home. They are hoping it will be a very, very big betting fight for sure.

The event will be broadcast on Showtime Pay-per-view. It’s predicted to break all records.  For a simple plucking of $89 you can have a front row seat. That may last four rounds.


Of course, also like most good fight promoters this match has been built-up for months. Mayweather and McGregor embarked on a four-day tour last month that went from London, to Los Angeles, Toronto and New York. As the tour built up, so did the tension and the hype between the two fighters.

On tour in Los Angeles Mayweather stated,

“I don’t care if it’s a ring or it’s an octagon, I will kick ass. I don’t back down for anybody.

“You line them up and I will knock them down. On August 26, I’m gonna knock this b**** out too.”

McGregor retorted: “You haven’t knocked anyone out in about 20 years.”

For which Mayweather ended with,

“God only made one thing perfect, and that is my boxing record.”

In response, McGregor followed with,

“I am honored to be here, to give you this spectacle. His little legs, his little core, his little head, I am going to knock him out inside four rounds, mark my words.”

Then came the controversy in New York when McGregor was accused of racism after saying “I’m half-black”.

For the Record

In one corner…..

Mayweather is coming out of a 2015 retirement with an unblemished 49-0 professional boxing record.

He is widely regarded as one of the best defensive fighters ever, and prides himself on his ability to evade punishment with his skillful movement about the ring while making adjustments against opponents on the fly.

A win for Mayweather would move him ahead of former heavyweight great Rocky Marciano, who also retired with a perfect 49-0 career record.

In the other corner….

McGregor, the UFC’s reigning lightweight champion and former featherweight champion, is known as much for his bravado as for his explosive knockout power inside an MMA octagon.

The 28-year-old Irishman became the first UFC fighter to hold two belts simultaneously when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez in New York last November for the lightweight championship.

The UFC stripped McGregor of his featherweight belt shortly after that fight when he announced he would be taking some time off after he and long-time partner Dee Devlin had their first baby in May.

Known for his devastating striking and highlight-reel knockouts, McGregor is also quick and irrational on his feet.

As Michael Buffer would say….’Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!’….

In a word: Mayweather. It’s just a matter of when.

McGregor will come out hard looking for an early KO, but Mayweather has been knocked down only once in his career. McGregor’s UFC fights do not often last long, so will the Irishman last 12 rounds?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure….someone will be saying…’SHOW ME THE MONEY!’

Both men signed non disclosure agreements (NDAs) on financial details, however Mayweather is expected to earn at least $100 million or more, and McGregor $75 million.

In addition, a special belt that will go to the winner of the fight. It’s called the “Money Belt”. It is made from alligator leather and encrusted with 1.5 kg of 24-karat gold, 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires, and 300 emeralds.

If the T-Mobile Arena holds 19,000 fans at an average ticket cost of $5,000 that’s a cool $95 million right there without taking any cash from bets.

Add to that the record pay-per-view fight was in 2015 billed as ‘Fight of the Century’ between none other than, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao which generated 4.6 million pay-per-view buys and a revenue of over $400 million. So if Mayweather vs McGregor takes in 5 million ppv x $89.95 that comes to around $449,750,000.

We’re up to over $550 million roughly in cash without considering any cool bets that were placed. That’s a WHOLE LOT OF CASH….for one heck of a promotion by Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, Showtime Sports head honcho Stephen Espinoza, UFC president Dana White and others.

Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a real ‘Money Fight’. Now the only remaining question is,… ‘Who’s Da’ Man?’




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