Man Murders Mom And Two Brothers With Crossbow – To Cover Up Lie To Fiance About Being Fired.

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A Toronto man confessed to murdering his mother and two of his brothers with a crossbow because he was afraid that his fiancée would leave him just three weeks before their wedding…

Yeah. Let’s just go over this slowly.

Brett Ryan, 36, showed up in court and plead guilty to first-degree murder of his oldest brother, Christopher, and two counts of second-degree murder of his mother, Susan, and also his younger brother Alexander. As if that wasn’t enough, the guy also pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his older brother Leigh. The family members were found at the home on August 25, 2016, each having been shot through with a crossbow bolt. All three succumbed to their injuries and died at the scene.

Ryan formulated his 66-year-old mother’s death because he was scared that she would disclose the lies he had told to his fiancée, but the evidence in court pointed out that he only meant to sway her not to mention his financial situation.

He believed his fiancée would walk out on him and no go through with the wedding if she found out that he lost his job because he had a past criminal record.

Back in 2008, Ryan was arrested after being linked to 14 bank robberies committed throughout Toronto and Durham Region. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to committing eight of the bank robberies and was sentenced to five years in prison, but he wasn’t about to let that stand in the way of his future happiness.

It was the pretrial custody that let him off early, having only served three years and nine months. Two months before he murdered most of his family, Ryan got a job at an IT company, but before he could even start that job, his employer found out that he was an ex-con and decided to fire him.

Just a few days before the scandalous killings, he confessed to hie mother that that he didn’t have a job and that he was fabricating a lie to his fiancée about it.

Apparently the lie that he was telling his fiancée was that he was working from home while he stayed at their condo.

Daily Mail:

When Susan told her son to admit the truth, he was worried his fiancée would break off their engagement, despite his mother telling him that she would continue to support him financially, according to the statement of facts.

Before he left his apartment that he shared with his fiancée on that tragic day, Ryan set up a laptop, an iPad and iPhone, that were supposed to be activated in order to create an internet footprint that would serve as an alibi.
He then arrived at his mother’s Scarborough home to confront her shortly after 12pm.

When the confrontation became heated, his mother called his older brother, Christopher, 42, to the home.
But during the argument, Ryan slipped away to retrieve the crossbow from the garage.

Ryan then stabbed his mother with a crossbow bolt and strangled her to death using a yellow nylon rope.
When Christopher arrived to the home, Ryan shot him in the back of his neck using the crossbow, according to the Star.

He moved their bodies into the garage and hid them under a tarp. But as Ryan was leaving the garage, his 29-year-old brother Alexander showed up.

The brothers fought and Ryan got the upper hand long enough to fatally stab Alexander with a crossbow bolt.
Leigh, 38, who was in his room at the home, came outside after hearing all of the commotion. When he saw the bodies, he ran inside and called for help. Ryan assaulted Leigh, who somehow escaped and ran to a neighbor’s home to call 911.

This disturbed and over-reacting brother and son chose to murder his family to cover up his lies? He should have never been released in the first place. How a imbecile like him could take such a simple lie and escalate it, is nothing short of a screw up.

He will now face the justice he deserves.

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