Liberal City Council Reinstates Fake Texas Judge Despite Her Not Being A U.S. Citizen!

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Corpus Christie, Texas has been the center of controversy lately as it was discovered that a fake municipal court judge was not actually a legal resident of the United States, a requirement for the job.

She was only suspended without pay for 90 days.

It has been verified that Young Min Burkett is legally eligible for employment in Texas, the state of Texas requires a judge to be a U.S. citizen, which she is not. She was only suspended for 90 days.

Liberal City Council Reinstates Fake Texas Judge Despite Her Not Being A U.S. Citizen

City Council members have decided to reinstate Judge Young Min Burkett at the end of her suspension, which was timed to allow her to complete the naturalization process.

The council members voted without any public debate or comments. Two members, Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio and Carolyn Vaughn, voted against reinstatement.

Burkett began practicing as a judge in March 2015 and city officials did not discover the “administrative error” for more than two years.

This raises questions about the legality of her rulings during the period where she did not have the qualifications to be a municipal court judge. Rubio reported in May that the city attorney’s office said they reviewed the circumstances and stated that rulings Judge Burkett made during her tenure remain valid and lawful.

Rubio said she was not sure if that was accurate. It is possible the rulings could be declared void ab initio (void from the beginning), or could be set aside through legal filings and voided.

Burkett had 90 days to obtain citizenship. She did it in 51, thanks to an expedited review from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services office in San Antonio. Yeah, no special favors there!


Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio also stated that Burkett did not make any misrepresentations in seeking appointment.

Well…well..well… YES SHE DID! She knew she was not a citizen and she KNEW she was not supposed to be a judge!

Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio told the Associated Press that no one asked her about her citizenship during the hiring and qualification process.

City attorneys also state that her past rulings are not invalidated by her status as a non-citizen.

YES, they are! They are trying the old game of CYA! This is a defense attorney’s dream! If the judge was not really a judge because she was not qualified, then EVERY SINGLE ONE of her rulings are invalid! That is basic!

If a guy dresses up in a cop uniform, and he gives you a ticket, are you liable for that ticket? Of course not! Because he is NOT really a cop!

This woman was NEVER a judge! She may have dressed like a judge, she might have sat on a bench, and she might have made rulings… BUT SHE WAS NOT A JUDGE! She was not qualified in the state of Texas to be a judge! PERIOD!

She still does not meet one of the requirements — being a registered voter in the county. She registered to vote in Nueces County on July 10, three days after becoming a citizen. Her registration does not become active until after the 30-day statutory waiting period ends on August 10.

While the council voted to reinstate her effective August 9, she will not resume work until the completion of the suspension on August 14.

This is not rocket science, this is stupidity at it’s finest! Insane!

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