Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Nessa Diab Just Called Ravens Owner Racist; Doomed His NFL Season Chances!

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The Ravens have been struggling to convince the angry fans that hiring Colin Kaepernick is a good idea, but his girlfriend Nessa Diab most likely just killed those chances once and for all.

The fans have a big issue with his anti-American, anti-law enforcement, and anti-patriotic antics, but from an NFL perspective, the problem is viral negative press about Kaepernick that the teams do not need.

Kapernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab just created the latest headline when she sent a tweet which likened the Raven’s owner, Stephen Bisciotti, to a plantation owner and its legendary (and troubled) star, retired player Ray Lewis, to an Uncle Tom:

I dusted off my twitter account and gave a response, she gave no comment.

For those who don’t get the reference, the bottom photo shows Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Django Unchained.” In the film, Jackson plays a house slave who is loyal to his owner and close friend even if the loyalty comes at the expense of other slaves.

Lewis had told Kaepernick he should keep quiet about his off-field beliefs and just focus on playing football. That was EXCELLENT advice. It is NEVER a good idea to play political antics on your employer’s time. Nobody is entitled to a job. Owners have every right to not to want to deal with sideshows.


Of course, Nessa is fully employed, she does not have anything to worry about. Yet, anyway.

Kaepernick Girlfriend Nessa Diab Just Called Ravens Owner Racist; Doomed His NFL Season Chances!

She is an American radio and television personality and also a television host. She is famous for her celebrity and artist interviews on KYLD and YouTube. Because of her impressive hosting skills, MTV chose her to be on ‘Girl Code’. Additionally, she has hosted a couple of MTV and MTV2 shows. Nessa is also the host of ‘The Nessa Show on Host 97’, which airs on the radio station WQHT in New York City.

Fox Sports analyst Clay Travis says that any chance Kaepernick had with the Ravens may have just been destroyed:

Every NFL owner will see this Tweet and think, what’s the benefit here? Why would I employ a guy whose problems exceed his talents, a guy to back up my starter that if everything goes well will never see the field at all, when he’s likely to do or say outlandish things that alienate the customers of my business? And when everything his crew of social justice warriors does will also create a never ending media circus around my team?

Of course, fans again went to Twitter with outrage pointing out that if the radio and TV host ever wanted her boyfriend to get an NFL gig again, she should probably not call his potential boss a racist and franchise legend, Ray Lewis, an “Uncle Tom”.



My personal favorite:

Although time is of the essence, the Kaepernick headlines are far from over.

If you thought the Baltimore Ravens’ public debate over signing Colin Kaepernick has been viral, just imagine what the Miami Dolphins will go through if Quarterback Ryan Tannehill misses an extended period of time.

Tannehill had a scare Thursday after he fell in practice, and the team now fears he will need season-ending surgery, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington.

Supporters are already saying that Kaepernick could be a good fit for the Dolphins. However, the support Kaepernick has shown for former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro could be a deal breaker. Miami has a rather large population of Cuban exiles that remain fervently anti-Castro.

Colin Kaepernick, you blew it! I think you have seen the end of what could have been a productive career…You hate what this country stands for? Well, you just lost what this country stands for!… Opportunity!

It wasn’t even a real protest. It was a lazy 3-minute antic and a 1-minute tweet! Hope it was worth it Colin!


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