James Woods Takes Action Against Man Who Threatened Him Over Twitter!

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As I have said many times before, If you are not following James Woods on Twitter you are missing out. James is the real deal! He just says it like it is! Truth and honesty!

It’s really amazing to hear someone in Hollywood actually standing up for patriotism and America! It’s also wonderful to see when someone threatens a person, like @RealJamesWoods that Twitter and law enforcement follow up.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

A violent leftist found that out the hard way after he threatened actor James Woods via Twitter. After the threat, his identity was revealed and his account was suspended.

It all began like this on Saturday: 

So I’ve been directly threatened with violence. Let’s see if @Jackand @Twitter will actually do anything if a conservative is threatened.

@Jack refers to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who’s known to work himself up into a snit over Milo Yiannopoulos but doesn’t usually care when anything happens to conservatives. Woods also posted another one of @MatthewEJacob’s threats:


You are not going to have to wait to see me in the street. Your life just changed forever.



For the record this is one of his other threats before his account was suspended.

He also tagged the FBI on it, noting that it was made across state lines (making it a federal offense) and was a violation of his civil rights (as it was “in response to a political statement.”

Forgot to mention it was across a state line and in response to a political statement. That would be a violation of my civil rights.

It’s probably not so wise to post threats on a Twitter account that clearly has your real name on it, and it’s even less wise when your Instagram account has photos of your bike and license plate numbers on it:

The guy threatens to bash my head in on and then links to his account with his bike with his license plates.


And by the way he is not a kid. He closed his account, but…

The good news is that Jacob’s account has been suspended and the police in his neck of the woods are about to be notified about his actions.

His account was suspended. For the record he is Matthew E. Jacob of Manhasset, Long Island. Further info I can give to police would help.

Huntington, not Manhasset. Bad cut and paste. Sorry. Huntington https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/899118726729129985 

I’m filing charges with the police in the morning for making terrorist threats and stalking. https://twitter.com/persprotectnusa/status/899138646145630208 

Woods even managed to turn Jacob’s name into a popular hashtag:

Jane, go to bed..
just like 

I’m filing charges with the police in the morning for making terrorist threats and stalking.  https://twitter.com/persprotectnusa/status/899138646145630208 

It’s time to hold people like  accountable and force them to deal with the consequences for their actions. 

 threatens to murder people via Twitter, Suspended! https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/899138580941066241 

What a  this  is… He messed with the wrong guy in  …

And, Woods had a parting warning to Jacob:

You are not going to have wait to see me in the street. Your life just changed forever. https://twitter.com/mattejacob/status/864429543867547648 

Woods also tweeted on Sunday….

I have been advised to keep the light on my stalker as a way of inhibiting his acting on his threats. Here is relevant CA law

Particularly disturbing is that according to timeline, was threatening to bash my head in at 3:37AM on a Tuesday morning.

He did it across state lines. My attorney has advised it’s federal in the criminal aspect. The civil attorney is investigating Monday.

Already have it. He showed his license plate on Instagram. That’s all they needed, but thanks very much.

Archives are invaluable. And takes targeted death threats seriously. They were decisive and will cooperate with law enforcement.


This is a 34 year old man sitting at a computer threatening to kill me with a 2×4 at 3:37AM on a weekday. This is a serious felonious threat


The fact is I am a 70 year old man who takes blood thinners for health. threatens to bash my head in, it’s a death threat.

I was told today that the danger with people like is their threats of violence often incite persons of lesser mental capacity


I urge all those harassed with violent threats to document the crimes promptly with . It helps police, FBI and attorneys.

Here’s the idiot , who threatened to James Woods with a 2×4,”

Did this imbecile really think police would not be involved? Did he really think he could mess with @RealJamesWoods ?

Give me a fricken break! @RealJamesWoods Rocks for Patriots! Woods is a true fighter for principles and America!

If only Hollywood had more actors like James Woods, we’d save a lot time cleaning up the mess of liberals.

Thanks James for all that you do!


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