James Woods Reveals What Statue Libs Are Coming for Next… Gets 200 Likes Per Minute!

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James Woods is one of the few conservatives left in Hollywood. If you don’t follow him on Twitter @RealJamesWoods you’re missing out.

I have to say, when it comes to solid genuine humor, James Woods delivers. Woods is not only very knowledgeable, but like President Trump, he’s unfiltered when it comes to stating the truth. He recently passed 600,000 followers, which is pretty amazing on Twitter, especially for a conservative Hollywood actor.

Earlier this year, he posted a list of reasons why Americans are fed up with Democrats. He’s also roasted Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper for their stupidity. He has even destroyed Nancy Pelosi as well.

Recently Woods let his Twitter followers know where he stands on the removal of monuments by liberals.

H/T Conservative Tribune: 

For the past several months, liberals across the United States have been demanding the removal of various monuments dedicated to Confederates who fought in the United States Civil War, claiming that those statues are racist.

Statues of famous generals such as Robert E. Lee have been targeted. Many people have fought against the removal of these statues, claiming that they are a part of history and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Actor James Woods got in on the debate over these statues on Twitter on Monday. Woods posted a photo of the statue of the flag raising on Iwo Jima, along with caption that was very powerful.

“Before the liberals find a reason to deface, destroy or degrade this one, I thought some of you might like to see it one more time…” he wrote underneath photo.


Before the  find a reason to deface, destroy or degrade this one, I thought some of you might like to see it one more time…

While Woods wasn’t being completely serious (the Iwo Jima statue isn’t going anywhere anytime soon), he was making a very serious point and the caption does have a ring of truth in it.

Liberals who are adamant that Civil War statues should be removed are trying to blot out a part of history they don’t like. Traditionally, many of these snowflakes don’t like the military, war or anything that requires some form of physical strength and skill.

If they keep getting their way, pretty soon they will start trying to remove anything that they disagree with, including famous memorials dedicated to battles fought during World War II.

There are plenty of examples of liberals on Twitter who absolutely hate America, and who probably wouldn’t hesitate to tear down everything from our past that they happen to disagree with.

“The idea of America so f***** up. F*** the holidays,” wrote on liberal Twitter user on Independence Day 2014.

Then you have people like liberal columnist and Black Lives Matter celebrity Shaun King, who are so busy trying to blot out America’s history that they end up rewriting it completely to fit their own twisted narrative.

“When you say this nation was founded on faith & freedom, you are denying the depths of systemic bigotry & oppression,” King wrote on Twitter.

My Latest.

Stop saying this nation was founded on faith & freedom.

It was founded on violence & oppression. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-stop-nation-founded-faith-freedom-article-1.3410178 

11. When you say this nation was founded on faith & freedom, you are denying the depths of systemic bigotry & oppression.

For now, liberals are content to sit back and destroy one of the darker parts of America’s history. However they won’t stop there.
They’re not going to be satisfied even after they try removing every piece of monument that is related to our past history of the Civil War. What’s next? People’s headstones?
America is a country built on our past. It’s built on our history. We live, grow and try to learn from our past. We don’t go back and erase it. It’s history. It’s who we are. It’s part of our past. Liberals should stop trying to erase it. Just learn from it and move on!
Let us know if you think Confederate statues should be taken down across the United States.  Let us also know what you think of James Woods’ post on Twitter too?

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