Global Warming Conspiracy Nut Rachel Maddow Blames Trump for Hurricane Harvey!

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It did not take long for the Global Warming conspiracy nuts to start blaming Trump for Hurricane Harvey.  Rachel Maddow could not wait to be first on the bandwagon.

Of course, Maddow has blamed Trump for everything already, so why not throw in a devastating hurricane as well.

She did not say the words, “Trump did it”, but she made plenty of connotative implications.

In fact, both MSNBC and CNN were all working hard to tie Harvey to those who do not fall for the global warming conspiracy hoax.

Just watch for your comedic pleasure.

It amazes me after 20 years of no global warming, a plethora of evidence that scientists have been manipulating data, and the revelation of all the lies that have been told to perpetrate the hoax, that anyone even believes any of this nonsense.

But when you consider that they freely admit that it is all about redistribution of wealth, the conspiracy must continue!

The rhetoric has gone to the level of crazy though. Liberals are so desperate to keep the conspiracy alive, and are so angry that no one is falling for it anymore, that they have come unhinged.

“12 years ago was Katrina. We’ve now had three storms in 12 years that were as bad as this,” The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza said on CNN. “A lot of Democrats will be saying, you know, climate change is actually…this is the kind of flooding you would predict based on the climate change models.”


CNN host John Berman pressured a Republican congressman to blame the disaster on climate change, asking if hurricanes are “really just a part of life.”

Global Warming Conspiracy Nut Rachel Maddow Blames Trump for Hurricane Harvey!

“Is this something that’s just a part of life?” Berman asked, claiming he didn’t want to “get into the politics of climate change.”

“Is this something the federal and local government need to have a bigger conversation about?” he pressed.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin went a step further and claimed that the entire Republican Party doesn’t believe in man-made climate change.

“One question we should ask, even if Republicans aren’t asking that, is what is the role of man-made climate change in disasters like this one?” Toobin said, arguing that climate change may increase the intensity of storms.

A University of Tampa fired a professor just this week. He suggested that Hurricane Harvey was “instant Karma” for Texas Republicans as an effort to connect it with global warming.

Professor Kenneth L. Storey had tweeted Sunday, “I don’t believe in instant Karma, but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them,”

Former White House national security adviser Ben Rhodes also used the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to Texas as an opportunity to attack Republican “denial” of global warming.

Rhodes wondered how the GOP would tell future generations about its position on global warming. Former President Barack Obama made similar statements when giving speeches on global warming.

Democrats have often linked individual extreme weather events to man-made global warming. This despite warnings from scientists that doing so is problematic.

Why, you might ask? Because there have ALWAYS been extreme weather events, even before liberals came up with the man-made global warming conspiracy hoax!

There, Maddow, I said it!

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