DWS Covers for Arrested IT Staffer Who SOLD Classified Congressional Data to Russia!

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The Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal just went into overdrive as it was discovered that the reason she tried hard to cover for Imran Awan was that he was selling secrets to Russia!

A fresh report from the New York Post quotes sources discussing how investigators are now looking into how the Awan cabal sold stolen data from Congressional offices to foreign intelligence services.

Awan had access to Blabbermouth Schultz’s e-mails at both Congress and the DNC, where he had been given the password to her iPad. After DNC e-mails and research files were stolen during the presidential election, Schultz reportedly refused to turn over the server to the FBI and instead called in a private firm to investigate and ID the “hackers”.

DWS Covers for Arrested IT Staffer Who SOLD Classified Congressional Data to Russia!

Federal authorities are investigating whether sensitive data was stolen from congressional offices by several Pakistani-American tech staffers and sold to Pakistan or Russia intelligence, knowledgeable sources say. What started out 16 months ago as a scandal involving the alleged theft of computer equipment from Congress has turned into a national-security investigation involving FBI surveillance of the suspects.

Investigators now suspect that sensitive US government data — possibly including classified information — could have been compromised and may have been sold to hostile foreign governments that could use it to blackmail members of Congress or even put their lives at risk.

“This is a massive, massive scandal,” a senior US official familiar with the widening probe told The Post…During the probe, investigators found valuable government data that is believed to have been taken from the network and placed on offsite servers, setting off more alarms. Some 80 offices were potentially compromised. Most lawmakers fired the alleged “ringleader” — longtime IT staffer Imran Awan — in February.

But Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee chief, kept Awan on her payroll until his arrest last month on seemingly unrelated charges of defrauding the congressional credit union. For more than a decade, Awan, his wife, two relatives and a friend worked for 30 House Democrats. They included New York City pols Gregory Meeks, Joseph Crowley and Yvette Clarke and members of the sensitive Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees.

If you’re playing catch-up on this burgeoning scandal, read Andy McCarthy’s summary.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s bizarre behavior throughout has been curious, and now it is starting to make sense!

Schultz, the former DNC chair who rigged the 2016 primaries for Hillary Clinton, threatened the DC Police Chief because he would not give her back a laptop that is EVIDENCE in the Democrat House security breach investigation!

Blabbermouth said there will be “consequences” if he didn’t hand over the evidence. She went back and forth with him and didn’t even seem to understand the simple concept that the laptop is EVIDENCE in a CRIMINAL investigation so she can’t get it back yet!

“If a member loses equipment and it is found by your staff and identified as that member’s equipment and the member is not associated with any case, it is supposed to be returned. Yes or no?” Wasserman said.

Then, after Awan was arrested while trying to flee the country, she decided to finally give up her passwords to that laptop.

Other IT equipment was found during a raid in Awan’s home, smashed to bits! If he was selling classified information to Russia, it all makes sense!

What is also bizarre is that the relationship between Schultz and Awan has been described as a “friendly and personal” relationship.  Which seems to be an odd thing in itself. Why is a Representative friends with a IT administrator and why is she defending him now at risk to her own career?

What happens next? Hopefully, we find out just exactly what is on that laptop specifically that Wasserman does not want anyone to see. THAT is the big problem I am sure! But it really looks like Russia is a Democrat problem, not a Trump problem!



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