Doctor Says Parents that Let Kids Play Football Should Be Prosecuted for Child Abuse!

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The doctor who discovered CTE believes that letting anyone under 18 years old play football should be considered child abuse.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative disease found in people who have suffered repeated blows to the head. Football players are at risk.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist and expert in the study of the effects of concussions, recently reacted to the study that found 110 of 111 former NFL players who had their brains donated suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). He said that letting children play football is the definition of “child abuse,” and doesn’t believe there is any way to make the sport safer.

Doctor Says Parents that Let Kids Play Football Should Be Prosecuted for Child Abuse!

Almost everything we do, including riding in cars and eating chicken can be deadly.

At a press talk in New York City on Monday, the concussion expert said of football: ‘It is the definition of child abuse. Someday there will be a district attorney who will prosecute for child abuse.’

The Nigerian-born doctor continued: ‘If you play football, and if your child plays football, there is a 100 percent risk exposure. There is nothing like making football safer. That’s a misnomer.’

He made the comments while appearing on TV and warned of other contact sports’ dangers.
Omalu said: ‘The big six are rugby, (American) football, boxing, ice hockey, mixed martial arts and wrestling.

Omalu’s life and findings on concussions was recently dramatized in the movie “Concussion,” with Will Smith portraying Omalu on the big screen. Omalu doesn’t believe there is anything the NFL can do to make the game safer for its players, and even if there was, the league would only be focused on their own bottom line.

“The league is a corporation,” he said. “What do corporations do? Make money. They’re not there to provide health care or perform research. That is not what they’re there to do. They’re selling product. … If they feel the need to make any changes, they’re making calculated changes that will enhance their bottom line.”

“We would not let a child smoke a cigarette but we would rather send a child to the field of rugby or football to suffer a concussion of the brain. What’s more dangerous? A cigarette or a concussion of the brain?”

Every day, just living, is dangerous to our health. You cannot sanitize the world of its problems. The liberal mindset is to do just that. The conservative mindset is to let people be free to decide what they do. Young people know and understand that a PLETHORA of items that they participate in can be dangerous.

The child who rides a skateboard or jumps BMX bikes understands that sometimes you fall down and hurt yourself. Adults skydive, surf, ski and bull ride. They chose these activities knowing there is a risk.

In fact, in Utah, a popular doctor has been accused of sexually abusing two young girls and viewing child pornography this month. So even going to the doctor can be dangerous for children!

What an insanity. To even place the words, “prosecute parents for child abuse” within the realm of allowing them to play football is horrific. This doctors lack of any common sense is incredible!


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