DNC Begs For Money Using This Desperate Scare Tactic!

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I’m sure you have had that moment when you open a piece of mail and see “FINAL NOTICE” screaming up at you.

“Oh no! What did I miss? What bill did I neglect? Will there be a late fee?”

Then, when you realize it is just a solicitation, your panic turns to anger. This sales tactic is so low. Scaring you into thinking you screwed up and now asking you for money? Can this really work?

I think for suckers, it can. I also think for people who are busy, it can. Making people feel obligated is a great, but desperate, sales technique? Desperate is exactly where the Democrats find themselves these days.

The Democratic National Committee has sunk to another low. Sending out solicitation letters that appear to be final notices of a payment due. Apparently, that is the only way they can get people to open mail from the DNC.

H/T Western Free Press

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is being destroyed by Republicans in fundraising, and has taken to begging constituents, sending out fundraising letters that resemble final, collection notices to their constituents.

Even as their friends in the media continue to run the tired trope that Americans are abandoning Donald Trump and Republicans, the money trail shows that it is the Democrats who people are staying away from.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) crushed the DNC yet again in the month of July by over $6 million, as the Democrats only brought in $3.8 million for the past month, compared to the RNC’s staggering $10.2 million — a record low for the month of July for the Democrats.

Even as the numbers clearly show Democrats getting destroyed, and people closing their wallets, DNC National Press Secretary Michael Tyler put on a brave face telling CBS News in a statement,

While we’re still focused on building up our team and hiring fundraising staff, we’re witnessing robust grassroots enthusiasm with a majority of our contributions coming from small-dollar contributions.

As we staff up and continue to out-place all past off-year online fundraising efforts, we’re confident that our team will raise the resources needed as we head into 2018 and beyond.

Meanwhile, RNC Spokesman Michael Ahrens told CBS News that the Republicans’ strong fundraising is a “direct result of the grassroots support for President Trump and the hard work of Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.”

What you’re seeing at the DNC is what happens when you have a party that has no inspiring leaders, isn’t unified, and has no message.

The numbers do not back up the Democrats assertions. The drought in funding has been plaguing them since January, and shows no signs of suddenly bursting through the proverbial dam.

Democrats are losing to Republicans in both total donations, and small-donations, and it isn’t even close. As Ahern said:

In the first six months of 2017, the RNC has raised more online than it ever has in an entire year, aside from 2008.

When comparing small donations in year-to-date figures, the RNC is also outraising the DNC — with $86.5 million to the DNC’s $41.9 million.

The RNC also trumped its counterpart with over $47 million in cash on hand and no debt. The DNC meanwhile, has $6.9 million in cash on hand, but a current debt of $3.4 million.

There is simply no denying the facts here, and DNC chairman Tom Perez seems to sense that, hence, he came up with the brilliant plan of sending out notices that let everyone in the Democrat universe of donors know just how broke and desperate they really are. Quite resembling the cries of poor Oliver, the Democrats are out of ideas, out of money, and running out of time, and left with little else to do other than beg for funds.

How appropriate that they send out fundraising requests in the form of Final Notices, since, if things continue as they are, Perez will be out of a job, and more Democrats will be thrown out of office on their ear.

Funny thing is, if you watch the MSM, you would be under the impression that it was the Republicans who are losing donors and desperate for cash. Are you telling me that none of those whiny protesters and elite liberals are putting their money where their mouth is? Astonishing!

Money talks. In this case it is telling us that when it comes down to it, the Democrats should be worried about their future.  They have no message and no new face or inspiring new leader. They just have the blame game.


Republicans don’t go around whining and complaining and then do nothing. Instead, they go straight to action. Clearly you can see this holds true in their fundraising numbers.

The DNC is clearly showing desperation with this tactic. It’s really pretty sad. If you have to scare people into sending you money, you might wonder why that’s the only way they can get people to support them.

I’m sure they will have some success with the gullible people who support them, but it is also very telling that they have to be downright sneaky to get someone just to open mail from the DNC.

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