Disney Junior Show ‘Doc McStuffins’ Features Lesbian Couple In Latest Episode!

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Disney is at it again.  While Walt Disney was a conservative, the company has gone more and more to the left over the years.  Fortune magazine even put Disney 4th on the list of  “Top 10 of Fortune 100 Companies Favored by Liberals.”  There are plenty of reasons why.

The Beauty and the Beast movie released last spring ignited a fierce debate when subtle, yet very intentional, homosexual references were worked into the highly anticipated children’s movie.  Conservative parents everywhere were faced with a troublesome decision.  Disney appeared to be testing the waters.  Would conservatives ignore this and still see the movie or unite and stand up against the Disney agenda?

I personally know several moms with little girls who were begging to see the movie.  The moms were conflicted.  Many argued that it was so subtle the references would “go right over their heads.”  Others argued that supporting Disney by going to the movie only encourages them to be more bold with their liberal agenda in the future.  Beauty and the Beast was a huge success, hitting over $1.25 billion at the box office.

Apparently, Disney was emboldened.

Doc McStuffins is a Disney Junior show about a female doctor and has been a big hit for Disney.  The show is geared towards viewers age 2-7.  There is certainly no argument that this will go over kids heads this time.  I wouldn’t call it subtle at all.  In fact, I’m sure it will be questioned by many children!

H/T Chicks on the Right

“In a recent episode of Disney’s “Doc McStuffins,” kids are presented with an “unconventional” family. And by that I mean, a family with two moms. It wasn’t just something they slipped into the background of the show either. At one point, a character asks a boy, “Where are your moms?”

Moms. As in, plural. As in LESBIAN MOMS. The show made sure to reinforce the fact that the child had TWO moms more than once.

The situation was introduced when a character asked the young boy: “Where are your moms?” When the two mom characters approached with a baby, Doc McStuffins announced that “it’s the doll family.”

The show clearly highlighted the issue again when the boy was told, “You can have a ride if it’s ok with your moms.”

Again. This is a show for tiny kids. I believe Disney Junior’s suggested age range is around 2-7.

To the surprise of no one, GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) praised this episode.”

Not so subtle this time is it?

Being a conservative parent is hard these days.  It used to be there were “grown up conversations” and kids were left to be kids.  Disney puts out some great entertainment and I would be lying if I said I didn’t take my family to the theme parks and have fallen for the “magic” of Disney.

But a line has been crossed.  Indoctrinating toddlers is reprehensible and I am hoping that Disney experiences some serious pushback from parents who value their child’s innocence.  At some point we have to stand up and say “no” to their liberal agenda and find other ways to keep our little princesses happy.

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