County Rips Down ‘OFFENSIVE’ Veteran Flag Memorial! Town Rebels and Puts it Right Back Up!!

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For over a decade there’s been a roadside flag memorial honoring veterans in King County, Washington and last week, after some snowflake called it offensive, the county tore it down.

After King County road crews took down the “years-old display” of American and POW flags, the town of Preston said, “Oh Hell No!!” and put the flags right back up!

For more than 10 years, local residents have decorated a rock wall with the flags, a reminder of the price that many of our countrymen have paid to keep our nation free.

County Rips Down 'OFFENSIVE' Veteran Flag Memorial! Town Rebels and Puts it Right Back Up!!

Recently, someone complained to King County leaders about the sign, saying the patriotic flag display was “offensive.”  The county looked for a reason, and of course settled on code enforcement, and just complied with the pablum sucking snowflake. The reason stated was that it was a driving distraction. Of course, billboards that require reading while driving were not touched. Morons!

Well, that decision did not sit well with the flag-waving patriots of Preston. Hundreds joined a Facebook page urging King County to restore the flag memorial. (Here is the KingCountyGov FB Page as well)

“People were really, really upset about this,” said one local resident. I guess so!

County Rips Down 'OFFENSIVE' Veteran Flag Memorial! Town Rebels and Puts it Right Back Up!!

Another local man, Robert Cunningham, said it doesn’t make sense that a single complaint could lead to the destruction of a flag memorial to U.S. veterans.

“One person says they don’t like it, and they take it down. I don’t understand,” he said. “We live in the United States of America. This is our flag. Why is it offensive?”

But instead of standing down as their elected leaders desecrate the veteran’s memorial, local residents decided to fight back, by rebuilding the memorial.

County officials said they want to find a new location for the flag memorial. They stated that “signage and displays can create a visual distraction that may cause drivers to look away from the roadway.” No.  Just put it back. Just. Put. It. Back.

You know, I really hate that excuse. It insults my intelligence. It also speaks to the intelligence of the morons in King County that made the statement. If I could get to a county meeting right now, I would bring a LONG list of items that you find on the side of the roads that could be a distraction. That would of course include county road signs. The people who made this decision need to be publicly be humiliated for their ignorance. How do we let such ignorance into our government?

And as for the display’s content, officials said making allowances for some would make other displays harder to ban. Someone just slap them please! GRRRRR!

At least someone in the county has some common sense. Monday afternoon, King County Council member Kathy Lambert said she had come to a compromise to try and allow the community to have a permanent memorial.

“To have it taken away for any reason, especially without notice to me or to any of them was really appalling” Lambert explained.

Lambert said she was very upset when she learned that the flags were taken down. A representative from King County Roads said they went to look at the informal memorial after a call from a woman who said she was offended by the display.

However, she seems to be not telling the whole truth. “They decided to take down the memorial because it violated county code for displays on the public right of way, not because of the complaint.”

Well this picture of the paperwork says different!

County Rips Down 'OFFENSIVE' Veteran Flag Memorial! Town Rebels and Puts it Right Back Up!!



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