Civil Rights Groups Plan Rally for Colin Kaepernick in NYC Because the NFL is Racist!

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Colin Kaepernick did his anti-American antics on his employer’s time.  The NFL and their teams do not want to take on his toxic mess, and liberals are now upset!

Filmmaker Spike Lee is promoting a planned rally for free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Lee tweeted an advertisement for the rally, scheduled for Aug. 23rd outside the NFL’s headquarters in New York. (The ad misspells Kaepernick’s name, omitting the first “e.”)

This rally will go over like a lead balloon! NFL fans are patriotic. I would beg to say most who will be at the rally probably don’t even watch football.

Do these morons understand that they are NOT helping! It is the media attention that is keeping NFL teams from wanting Kaepernick!

Kaepernick, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, became a topic of national conversation last year for choosing to kneel instead of stand for the National Anthem, citing police violence and social injustice against minorities. He parted ways with the 49ers in March and hasn’t been signed by another team.

It is insanity. Kaepernick brought this on himself. He has plenty of right to protest, but not on his employer’s time clock.

If a bank teller decided to get political with customers, they would be fired. If another bank understood they would do the same at a new location, no bank would hire them.

Kaepernick has made his hiring a big issue for any team that takes him. Why would they?

Every time a team, such as the Seahawks, the Dolphins, or the Ravens, lets it be known that they are considering Kaepernick, the backlash is huge.

Civil Rights Groups Plan Rally for Colin Kaepernick in NYC Because the NFL is Racist!

It is the team’s right to not want THIS distraction.

….Besides the fact that he won’t play well, which is a given.

His actions had a significant impact on his playing ability as well. This is the important part that Kaepernick just does not get.

I taught sales for years. In fact, I advised the government of the small country of Grenada on the subject. The first place you start is the beginning of the day. A sales manager that starts the day with an exciting and upbeat message can double sales. A sales manager who begins the day with negative remarks will ALWAYS destroy the numbers for the day. ALWAYS folks!

When Kaepernick started his games on a negative note, he doomed himself. Every time. When he was supposed to be thinking about how thankful he was for this great country that had afforded him the achievements that he enjoyed, he was instead focused on anger. He was never going to be great again. It was a given.

Kaepernick has remained unemployed for three reasons:

First, some teams genuinely believe that he can’t play.

Second, some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him.

Third, the rest genuinely hate him and can’t stand what he did [kneeling for the National Anthem]. They want nothing to do with him and they won’t move on. They think showing no interest is a form of punishment. I think some teams also want to use Kaepernick as a cautionary tale to stop other players in the future from doing what he did!

He has created a mess, not only for his own career, but for the NFL. Unfortunately, his actions had a significant impact on his playing ability as well.

Colin Kaepernick, you blew it! I think you have seen the end of what could have been a productive career…You hate what this country stands for? Well, you just lost what this country stands for!… Opportunity!

It wasn’t even a real protest. It was a lazy 3-minute antic and a 1 minute tweet! Hope it was worth it Colin!


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