CAREER OVER: Kaepernick ANGRY That Nobody Wants Him!

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As Kaepernick watched his last two chances, the Ravens and the Dolphins, slip through his hands, he is furiously blaming everyone but himself for the end of his career.

His pro-communist support of Castro would have doomed him in Miami even if he hadn’t done his anti-American antics last year.

The Ravens tried to give him a chance, but the fans made it clear that they would boycott the team if Kaepernick was even placed on the bench.

CAREER OVER: Kaepernick ANGRY That Nobody Wants Him!

According to several different outlets, Kaepernick, who is now a free agent for the first time in his career, is getting the cold shoulder from the league’s many organizations.

One anonymous AFC general manager chalked Kaepernick’s cold reception up to three things: 1) he can’t play at a high performance level anymore, 2) owners fear his presence will cause a backlash among the fan base, and 3) owners and organizations simply hate him.

Kaepernick has the constitutional freedom to protest all he wants. But there are consequences, especially when you chose to protest on your employer’s time clock.

Kaepernick was responsible for an NFL wide boycott that cost them and their advertisers millions. The NFL viewership dropped to lows not seen since its inception.

Since, he has compared law enforcement as slave owners and been very vocal about his anti-American stances.

The problem is the NFL fan base is very patriotic. Football fans love this country and they respect law enforcement.


Kaepernick’s playing ability declined as well, and that was no accident. When you start every game thinking negative thoughts, you have doomed yourself. That goes for any job, football to sales.

I predict that Kaepernick will stay unsigned. Kaepernick is an insult to America and he costs whatever team he is on, not only profits but fans. I guarantee that if Miami or Baltimore had signed him, they would have been boycotted and rightly so.

Kaepernick needs to find another line of work. Perhaps community organizer, professional agitator, revolutionary hero or maybe there’s a third world he**hole out there in need of a dictator. His options are endless really. Just don’t expect him to be signed by any professional football team.

Americans hate those who hate our country. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Which means Kaepernick should have already figured it out. It’s not racist of Miami to not sign a no-talent hack like Kaepernick. It’s good business sense and patriotic in my book. Just look at the guy’s stats. Then take a look at his attitude, who he associates with (his girlfriend especially) and what comes out of his mouth. There’s your answer.

Speaking of his girlfriend, she helped doom his only real good chance, the Ravens.

Kapernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab created the latest headline when she sent a tweet which likened the Raven’s owner, Stephen Bisciotti, to a plantation owner and its legendary (and troubled) star, retired player Ray Lewis, to an Uncle Tom.

The whole Kaepernick problem is based on media coverage. What was she thinking? With girlfriends like that who needs enemies?

Kaepernick made his bed and now he can lay in it! At least, he has all the time in the world to think about all the anti-American thoughts he wants. Good riddance.



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