Only in California: Butcher Agrees to Display Anti-Meat Sign!

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Americans love their beef.  We consume around 25 billion pounds a beef per year and that’s only going up.  Beef provides a great source of protein and let’s face it, it’s delicious.  Nothing beats a sizzling steak dinner.

Of course, there are those who see eating meat as cruel and disgusting.  And hey, this is America.  That’s just fine.  We have freedom after all.  If you want to eat tofu and soy burgers, go for it.  Just don’t expect me to put down my filet and join you.

If only we carnivores could live in harmony with the vegetarian and vegan folks.  But alas, in Berkeley California (shocking, I know) the anti-carnivores have set their sights on a mom and pop owned butcher shop.  Using basically a blackmail technique, these liberal extreme vegans have essentially forced the shop to hang a sign decrying the unjust practice of meat eating.


“Attention: Animals’ lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done,” reads the notice greeting patrons of The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley.

The business stuck the sign in its window as part of a “peace treaty” with animal rights activists in the left-leaning university town who have been picketing the store for the last four months.

Every Sunday as it opened for butchery lessons, it was besieged by demonstrators from rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) — sometimes naked, dripping with fake blood and wrapped in cellophane.

Monica Rocchino, co-owner of The Local Butcher Shop with her husband Aaron, was at her wits’ end and decided to meet with the activists.

“They said they wanted Berkeley to become a meat-free city and they were ready to shut down our business,” said Monica.

“We asked for actions we could do. And they said they’d think about it, but they kept protesting for 10 weeks. They made our neighbors mad, our neighborhood businesses were losing customers.”

Finally, DXE laid down its conditions for burying the hatchet.

“Either we had to become a vegan butchery or we had to stop giving these classes, or put up a sign saying that animals have rights,” Monica told AFP.

DXE organizer Matt Johnson says one of the group’s activists felt his blood chill as he saw ‘an advertisement for these courses where people are taught how to properly dismember the body of an animal.’ ”

A vegan butchery? Yes, they exist (I admit I had to Google that one).  And one in Berkeley might do well, I would imagine.  But forcing this actual butchery to change their business so that protesters would finally leave them alone is blackmail, plain and simple.

Remember how the internet exploded when news broke that Trump likes his steak with ketchup?  Americans have pretty strong opinions about meat, apparently.  Hopefully, customers will continue to support the butcher and the sign won’t really hit the bottom line.  However, I somehow doubt that putting up a sign is going to stop these meat-haters from coming back in the future.

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