Hillary Makes Bizarre Getaway After Trump WH Re-Opens Investigation!

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Why does it feel like, every time Hillary or the Democrats are in trouble….someone heads off to another country? It must be that fear and flight thing. When they fear their life may be altered or changed…not in a good way….they just don’t know how to deal with it….other than run. That seems to be their coping mechanism.

We all know Hillary committed many crimes while in office. Hillary was involved in so many scandals from the Benghazi coverup, to the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, to voter fraud and stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, to sending classified emails on a private server, and much more.

It’s only fitting Hillary should seem a little nervous these days, now that Trump is president and trying to #DrainTheSwamp. Afterall, Democrats never dreamed Hillary would lose and Hillary never dreamed she would get caught with any of her crimes. However, now that Trump has asked for the investigation of Hillary’s private server to be reopened…..off she goes!


H/T Conservative Tribune:

When the going gets tough, Democrats get going.

As news spread this week that President Donald Trump’s Justice Department had reopened its investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary’s Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as the nation’s top diplomat, word also started getting around that Clinton herself was heading out of the country for a stay across the border to the North.

Maybe things will be cooler for her in Canada.

According to the CBC, Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are pulling up stakes with daughter Chelsea and their two grandchildren for a pricey resort in Quebec called the Manoir Hovey.

The weeklong stay starts Sunday, CBC reported.

Now, obviously there’s no proof that the Clintons’ departure for a foreign country – and its foreign legal jurisdiction – is in any way related to the sudden revival of her potential legal problems in the United States. (And the woman does have a book release coming up in September, and she’ll have to be back for that, even if it flops as spectacularly as her last publishing venture.)

But the news does fit an apparent habit Democrats have had lately of being out of the country when the government they don’t control anymore is taking a look at some of the affairs that went on in the country during the previous administration.

It could just be a coincidence, of course, but it’s worth pointing out that former President Barack Obama decided the far-off country of Indonesia (his boyhood home) was not a bad place to be in early July. That was just when his former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was set to face congressional questioning for her role in “unmasking” the identities of American citizens caught up in routine intelligence surveillance.

Rice’s testimony has been delayed, but the general impression is that the Obamas had the “ultimate family trip,” as The Observer put it. (Just the way they did during the glory years in the White House.)

If travels like these are a coincidence, they’re a bizarre coincidence.

Regardless of her motivations for the trip over the border, it’s safe to say that not all Canadians were thrilled that the failed former presidential candidate and her clan were going to be their guests.

Check out some of the caustic responses on social media:

The Clintons are coming: Hillary and Bill to vacation at a five-star boutique resort in Quebec http://ctv.news/oE8nhvE pic.twitter.com/P5YyavtXYF

Are they seeking asylum ?

great, more illegal asylum seekers in QC.

Cannot stand those two ~ corrupt ~ self centered ~ self serving ~

Totally agree with you @johanne_solomon !

Well, it’s nice to know that American conservatives aren’t the only ones who feel that way about one of the Democrat Party’s two greatest power couples.

It would be interesting to see the reaction the Obamas would be getting on a similar trip to our northern neighbor.

We might be finding out before too long if the House and Senate intelligence committees actually get around to really investigating how the Obama White House tried to sabotage first the Trump campaign, and then the Trump presidency by abusing its power over the United States intelligence services — maybe by questioning old cronies like Ben Rhodes, for instance.

Well, once again it seems like most Democrats, Hillary would rather run than tell the truth.

It seems that’s what most people do when fear threatens their life or way of living? They flee.

Maybe Hillary is meeting with all those refugees who fled to Canada in fear of being deported by Trump. Or maybe Hillary is joining the other liberals, who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected president. Rumor has it Hillary wants to preach, but then she’d first have to believe in the Bible and the 10 Commandments, and support Christians.

Maybe Hillary was on flight Trump 1600 with all those Hollywood celebrities that also said they wanted to flee to Canada. Here was their captain speaking:

We can only hope Hillary was on this nonstop flight to Canada!….with all her other liberal Hollywood supporters like Cher, Whoopi, and Rosie. At least they got crying towels!

Canada – the country that awards terrorists for killing Americans AFTER we’ve jailed them. Somehow that seems fitting for Hillary.

Hope she had a soft landing….Buh! Bye!



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