Arrogant Bully Insults Pretty Wife, So Husband Employs A Sneaky Knockout Technique [VIDEO]

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Watch how smooth he is just prior to the SMACKDOWN of the bully!

Looks like a married couple at some sort of festival when this man walks up to them and starts harassing his wife. Of course, the husband is not too happy, but might feel he’s a little outgunned and decided he needed some strategy:

I’m not condoning this – but I understand. The dude is putting the move on the guy’s wife and maybe he thinks he’s gonna get his ass kicked if he defends her so blam! Somebody had to do something.

That’s a full bottle of beer, he went out like a light for a reason… or did he?

Have to admit he gives the thug ample time and opportunity to walk away, but he just kept going at them – so the guy who got cracked is clearly at fault and probably hurting for a few days…

… or was he?

Watch it again and consider this: The cameraman is filming from a long distance away, yet the sound is perfect. Obviously, there is an audio recorder of some sort near the scene of the incident. Why?

I think the whole thing is staged. If it is – it’s dame well done. On the other hand, maybe the guy had a damn good microphone that you can point and pick up sound from far away – what do I know?

But here’s something else: Bottles don’t normally smash when hit on someones head, the guy’s on that show “mythbusters” covered that years ago. You only see that in bar fights in old cowboy movies and those are obviously staged.  Bottles don’t shatter into a million pieces in real life like that.

On the other hand, I am all for knocking someone’s ass out but do it with your hands not a bottle – could have killed the guy… unless it was fake and then we’ve all been had!

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