4-Year-Old Asks Dad to Listen to Radio. Watch Why This Has Gone Viral! [Video]

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We all know the expression….’kids do the darndest things!’ This is another perfect example. In the world of children, especially a 4-year-old, life is simple. They play. They color. They sing. For the most part, their life is simple and happy, but of course, children’s disposition has a lot to do with their parents.

If your mom and dad are both social media giants, well, most likely you are too! If they are cute, funny and followed by millions on social media, well, you’ve just joined the same celebrity status with them.  That’s what happened to 4-year-old, Everleigh, when her parents married.

Cole LaBrant and Savannah Soutas just married not too long ago. Since then, their daughter has become a social media hit as well. And why not, she is a pretty cute litte girl and like her parents has an outgoing personality and is not afraid to show it!

Recently, Everleigh and her dad entertained several million on social media, when they decided to do a little karokee in their car. You have to see this!

H/T Liftable:

A 4-year-old girl named Everleigh is easily the apple of her daddy’s eye. With her bright blue eyes and infectious smile, her new stepfather, Cole LaBrant, is smitten.

LaBrant happens to be internet famous. He’s known for making funny videos and sporting some snazzy dance moves, which helped catapult him to fame in the social media world.

As a high school senior, LaBrant asked celebrity Selena Gomez to attend prom with him in a video that quickly went viral. His fantasy prom didn’t pan out, but LaBrant’s confidence was unscathed.

In 2016, LaBrant began dating Savannah Soutas, a fellow social media star who has a daughter, Everleigh. Birds of a feather, these two, as Cole and Savannah quickly became inseparable.


In July 2017, LaBrant married Soutas, his dream girl. He was thrilled to gain a cute little daughter in addition to a wife.

Naturally, the family of three is now a triple-threat in the social media realm. They have millions of followers who seem to be obsessed with following this family’s every move — because, really, they’re pretty delightful to watch.

LaBrant and Everleigh decided to showcase their heartfelt father-daughter bond with some good ol’ fashioned car karaoke. After all, plenty of family bonding happens while belting out your favorite tunes in the car.

LaBrant and his daughter pulled together a mix of tunes including some 90s throwbacks — Backstreet Boys, anyone? — along with some rap, country music, and more. Each song was worthy of its own costume change, naturally.

Playfully, the duo pretended they were listening to the radio as they performed their mix. “When the music changes you!” read LaBrant’s caption.

With each new song, the duo sported new matching outfits and of course, matching facial expressions. Thanks to the pair’s drama and artistic flair, the video has amassed an impressive 29 million views thus far.

What just happened?…..

Talk about cute! OMG! The costumes are hysterical along with the facial expressions and the lipsyncing isn’t too bad either…especially for a 4-year-old. Something tells me this little girl is has a bright future, at least on social media!


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