28-Year-Old Teacher Has Sexual Relationship With Teen Student Who Attends School For ‘Troubled’ Youth!

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It would seem as if there was some type of contagious disease spreading across the whole world. Every nation is in deep, and there doesn’t seem to be any cure for the horror. What is that plague?

It’s called troubled teachers sleeping with their underage students. What? It’s the real thing.

A woman who taught at a school for troubled youths has pleaded guilty to taking advantage of her position and having an affair with one of her students. In this case, it’s a female student.

Nina Scott, 28, from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, gave in to a plea deal on Monday for institutional sexual assault on a 16-year-old student whom she disturbingly called her ‘girlfriend’.

What’s absolutely unreal is that she will only be serving a minimum of three months on electronic home monitoring, and then five years of sex offender probation.

The assaults happened multiple times with this underage student between February and October in 2016 while the 28-year-old was a teacher at The Village School in Radnor Township.

It was reported in February this year, after the relationship was discovered, Scott had written over 30 letters to her perceived teenage girlfriend.

In her letters we get a view at the mind of Scott, and the relationship with her student was, when she mentioned to her bed as ‘our bed’, even called her two-year-old daughter ‘our baby girl’, and lamented about ‘rolling over in bed and missing [the student] because she was not there’.

The eight month affair was supposedly set off by the teenage student sending a note of her own to Scott that asked a question: ‘How would you feel if I kissed you?’

Daily Mail:

Over the course of the relationship, the teacher and the student had sexual encounters in Scott’s car, at her home, and on school property – including in a classroom, according to reports citing the criminal complaint earlier this year.

A journal written by the young student also referenced the relationship, at times referring to Scott as her ‘future wife’ and ‘the love of my life’, while also claiming the teacher was ‘good in bed’.

Police became aware of the illegal relationship after the student transferred to another school, and staff members found the journal and letters detailing the affair.

The student was at the Mid-Atlantic Youth Services facility when the correspondences were found during a routine search, according to the Inquirer.

The Village is a residential child-care facility where young people with behavioral and emotional issues are usually stationed there after a court appoints an order. According to the school website, their stated goal is:

‘…to reach the most vulnerable members of our communities and deliver assistance that lasts. We work together with children, families and communities impacted by trauma to support healing and resilience, to encourage hope and to empower them to realize their greatest potential.’

Scott, hired back in October of 2015, was promptly fired after the allegations of the affair were exposed.  I can’t say that I feel any sort of compassion for this woman who took advantage of an underage girl.

The law is the law.

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