$2 Million Bathroom in New York Park is Latest Example of Government Waste!

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Nobody enjoys heading to the park, needing to use the facilities, and ending up in a filthy, stinky outhouse.  So, I am truly thankful for real bathrooms.  However, a simple bathroom with flushing toilets and real sinks is really all we need, and is pretty much what this new bathroom in a New York park is.  In addition, this bathroom also comes with a jaw dropping price tag of $2 million!

For $2 million I would expect some pretty fancy accommodations!  Heck, for $2 million I would expect someone to wipe my butt for me!  But John Stossel reports that this bathroom is nothing special unless you are the contractors getting paid to build it.  And those contractors are part of the game.  Unions that give generously to Democrats in control of major cities are given contracts that demand higher wages, consistently go over budget and take longer to complete.  The inefficiency is mind blowing!

H/T Townhall.com – John Stossel reports:

Did you see the $2 million dollar bathroom? That’s what New York City government spent to build a “comfort station” in a park.

I went to look at it.

There were no gold-plated fixtures. It’s just a little building with four toilets and four sinks.

I asked park users, “What do you think that new bathroom cost?”

A few said $70,000. One said $100,000. One said, “I could build it for $10,000.”

They were shocked when I told them what the city spent.

No park bathroom needs to cost $2 million. An entire six-bedroom house nearby was for sale for $539,000.

Everything costs more when government builds it.

But New York City’s bureaucrats are unapologetic about their $2 million toilet. The Parks Department even put out a statement saying, “Our current estimate to build a new comfort station with minimal site work is $3 million.”

 “$3 million?!” I said to New York City Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver, incredulously.

“New York City is the most expensive place to build,” he replied. As a result, “$2 million was a good deal.”

I pointed out that entire homes sell for less. He said, “We built these comfort stations to last. … Look at the material we use compared to that of a home. These are very, very durable materials.”

They have to be, he says, because the bathroom gets so much use. “We’re going to expect thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of visitors. … So we have to build it to last.”

Yet not far away, Bryant Park has a bathroom that gets much more use. That bathroom cost just $300,000. Why the difference?

Bryant Park is privately managed.

Ah, privately managed.  That’s the key.  Privately managed means someone is going to be held responsible if spending is reckless.  Somebody’s bottom line will actually be affected.  Somebody will lose their job if they waste money.  Somebody actually has skin in the game and an incentive to use money wisely.

Yet, somehow, our government continues to answer to no one.  How nice it must be to spend other people’s money!  4 toilets and 4 sinks, $2 million.  Yet, somehow these people are still in charge.  Smh.

Total insanity! Government waste at its finest!

Read more: https://ihavethetruth.com/2017/08/02/2-million-bathroom-in-new-york-park-is-latest-example-of-government-waste/#ixzz4ojXBbvsX


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