Woman Posts Disgusting July 4th Video Of Herself Peeing On U.S. Flag – America Responds [WATCH]!

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On July 4th, many Americans celebrated the birth of our great nation. We celebrated Independence Day. We celebrated and gave thanks to those who serve and have served our country and have fought and died for our freedom. Americans have much to be thankful for.

It seems while many Americans were celebrating Independence Day, some were also protesting and/or “doing their own thing”.

This particular female from Philadelphia decided to not only dishonor our American flag, but to dishonor those who have fought to defend our freedom.

H/T Right Wing News:

Liberalism and hating America seem to go hand-in-hand, but what one Philadelphia woman filmed herself doing still managed to shock Americans across the country. Emily Lance had a friend tape her peeing on an American flag and then posted the video on Facebook — but she didn’t get quite the reaction she was hoping for.

Emily Lance is a self-described left-wing anarchist who supported Bernie Sanders, and has posted things to social media suggesting that 9/11 was an inside job. To say she doesn’t like the United States might be an understatement, but she still made a massive mistake in posting one seriously offensive video on Facebook.

In the video, Lance uses a GoGirl — a device which allows women to pee standing up — to urinate on the flag while “Night Moves” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band plays in the background. She captioned the video, “F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag.” It didn’t take long for the video to go viral, but Lance evidently didn’t expect to get such severe backlash. People quickly criticized her for being disrespectful to the country and the flag, and as the anger reached a fever pitch, Lance yanked the video off of Facebook.

The video has been removed, but definitely not safe for work copy still remains on YouTube (search for “Emily Lance” if you’re interested. It’s too vile to link to here.)

 Unfortunately for Lance, however, the internet is forever.

People reacted on social media with fury and scorn:



Please RT. Poll time!

Who is the biggest a** of the day?

Girl who pi**es on our beautiful flag (Emily Lance), or @CNN? You decide.#MAGA

— Pete Cameron (@ByeByeObama1) July 6, 2017

If you want to pee on the American flag like Emily Lance, just get the h**l out of the country. We won’t miss you pic.twitter.com/VLS1nhhWng

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) July 6, 2017

 Is Anti-American, A Traitor, & A Embarrassment To The United States

So… Emily Lance aka Emily Laincz denigrates the US flag and is terribly upset that people don’t support her “Feeedoms”. Happy 4th Weirdo!

In addition to people firing back at her for the video, Lance has also received death threats, with one person placing a $3,000 bounty on her head. She said that people have also begun targeting not only her family, but also their places of employment as well.

“To whom it may concern, my Dad just called me and informed me that his place of employment has been targeted. As has he. Interestingly he respects THE FLAG and loves your country,” she said.

“I do not live with him nor does he or anyone in my family agree with my shenanigans. They’ve got nothing to do with my decisions. Don’t take your anger out on the wrong people – you harassing them is displacing your emotions and the equivalent of blaming Jack for what Sally did.”

But Lance still defended her actions anyway, saying that it was “freedom of expression”.

“Freedom (of speech/expression) means that I’m entitled to do and say as I please, EVEN if you don’t like it, so long as I am not physically hurting someone – and no, your precious feelings don’t count, that’s your own problem,” she wrote on Facebook.

“What don’t you people understand? You’re celebrating freedom while damning me for doing the same. You can’t have it both ways. FREEDOM OR NONE. Practice what you preach or shut the f*** up.”

While Emily Lance may have the right to free speech based on the 1st Amendment given to us by the Founding Fathers when they created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. However, freedom of speech does have a line that you shouldn’t cross…just ask Kathy Griffin.

Just because we have freedom of speech, it doesn’t mean that Emily can say anything she wants without receiving some backlash.

Don’t post something offensive and whine later about it because several Americans that do respect our American flag, our nation and those who have served our country to give you those rights, get angry.

You can’t have it both ways EITHER, Emily!

This IS truly disgusting, pathetic and unpatriotic!

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