Walmart Makes HUGE Move After LA Makes $15 Minimum Wage Hike

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Walmart just reacted in a huge way after LA upped the minimum wage. Don’t think this is what libs were expecting – but what does it matter – it’s the thought that counts, right? Not who gets hurt, right? Let me ask you: When someone works hard, plays by the rules and does great work – they normally get a raise in America. If they’re making $12.50 per hour they get bumped to $13, then $14.75, then after some amount of years kicking ass – they start making $15 per hour because their loyalty and experience is worth it.

Then some schmuck with no experience, no talent, no grit, no track-record gets hired and BLAM! because politicians stick their liberal noses into business – those newbies are making the same $15 per hour the hard-working, longtime employee is making. How is that going to make them feel? Don’t you think the business owner is going to have to bump them to at least $18 / hour? And what about the 5-year, single-mom who’s been busting her tail for five years and is making $18 and hour now? She’s gonna deserve what – $20 – 25 per?

Right. So what happens eventually because the lib stuck their nose in and told the businessman what they must pay? Here’s what:

For years, liberals living high on the hog and low on the wage scale lobbied for a $15 minimum wage. Fairness – “living wage” – all that rhetoric to exploit people for their votes. When they got what they wanted, they got the exact opposite.

Case in point: Walmart just closed one of its Los Angeles stores over the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance. Is anybody surprised?

The residents who lobbied and pleaded for the 33,000-square-foot store in Chinatown certainly are. They weren’t expecting one of the nation’s big-box retailers would just pack up and leave over something as socially conscious as a $15 minimum wage.

Break out the calculator: for each and every unskilled full-time Walmart employee, that’s $31,200 a year — plus benefits. Liberals argued, “Try making a living on minimum wage.” Employers argued back, “Try making a profit paying $15 an hour to an unskilled laborer.”

Many people who have gone to college and have advanced degrees don’t earn $15 an hour.

No wonder Walmart said no way.

And it’s not just Walmart that’s rebelling against unreasonable liberal demands. Many restaurants say the $15 minimum wage has eaten away at as much as 50 percent of their operating costs. A $15 minimum wage is a job killer — and a good reason to relocate, automate or jack up your prices.

So who does it end up hurting? Minorities mainly, LEGAL immigrants and blacks.

Why do you vote for liberals? They know all this and don’t care!


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