Viral Video is Destroying CNN! The Clown News Network! [WATCH]

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I was wondering where all the unemployed Clowns from the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus closing down, were going to go to get new jobs. Now, I know. It’s CNN!

It’s unanimous. Everyone agrees they totally suck beyond belief…which is why liberals have deployed their “logic” skills, and now fully embrace CNN to show them what their direction, and purpose is in life.

Let’s remember that Trump is not the only person who is going after CNN. This viral video is destroying CNN. It shows much of the left going after CNN and questioning their credibility, as well as, if they will even be around much longer as a news network.

Viral Video is Destroying CNN! The Clown News Network! [WATCH]

This video was put together by Mark Dice. Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture. His viral videos have received more than 300 million views and have received international media attention.

As usual, Mr. Dice kills it. All the guy does is put up viral videos. If you haven’t done it yet I highly suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel. Watch the video: “THE CLOWN NEWS NETWORK’.

This video gives some perspective about which type of people think CNN is a joke: All people! From Barack Obama to the clowns at Comedy Central to Conan O’Brien. These are incredibly liberal people who just repeatedly crap on CNN. These people just all participate in taking shots at CNN and it’s so easy. The audiences are laughing because it’s true.

So remember, when Trump goes after CNN, he’s not the only one. Everyone in politics knows that CNN is a joke and this video proves it.

A clown is funny and there is nothing funny about any organization that is setting up the groundwork for the destruction of our country .

When you use tactics of repeated lies and you constantly bash and destroy there is nothing good about what any of them do. Now we have the internet socialism crowd changing history.They did it during the campaign so no one could get the real info on Hillary and now they have gone into America’s history.

That’s why they are trying to get rid of our remaining libraries, places where one can go to search out the truth. Their goal is total destruction of Americans not illegals of which they count on using as slaves. Globalists have to have workers to keep them up! Free thinking people are a danger to their agenda.

That’s why Trump is their thorn in their side. He’s got America’s backbone back.

The problem is that clowns are not dangerous. Clowns are just perceived as idiots. CNN is a ‘Conspiring News Network’ because they are KNOWINGLY trying to destroy America and slander anyone who wants America to be strong.

CNN is dangerous. But they are becoming irrelevant fast. That is all that is important.

Their recent scandal about threatening a social media user into taking down a video is just one of the pieces that will bring CNN to its knees. See about that here:

CNN Draws Viral Backlash on Social Media After Threatening Reddit User! #CNNBlackmail


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