University of Georgia Student Group Calls for Republicans to be Beheaded!

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A student group at the University of Georgia is facing a major police investigation after stating they want Republicans to be “guillotined”.

Responding to a story about a professor at the Art Institute of Washington who allegedly claimed that House Republicans should be “lined up and shot,” the Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Georgia reportedly tweeted that the Republican members of the House should instead be ‘guillotined.’

The so-called “resistance” movement that has sprung up in the liberal end of American politics must be stopped before any more conservatives are hurt…or worse.

“This is absolutely outrageous,” the group tweeted, linking to the story. “House Republicans should NOT be shot! They should be guillotined.”

Because socialists are stupid and cowards, they deleted their tweet, but CampusReform captured it:

University of Georgia Student Group Calls for Republicans to be Beheaded!

The University of Georgia has instructed campus police to investigate the threat posed by the organization.

Because that joke wasn’t funny enough, when someone said that a guillotine would be “the more humane thing to do, they backtracked. The campus police will have plenty to look into.

University of Georgia Student Group Calls for Republicans to be Beheaded!

The left has really become unhinged, especially on our college campuses.

USAPoliticsToday reports:

The Young Democratic Socialists aren’t going for civilized dialogue. Their cover photo on their Twitter account is a depiction of a beheading from the French Revolution, with a speech bubble protruding from the head that states “so much for the tolerant left.”

This group of nitwits is actually an official student group at the University of Georgia. Officially they organize “youth to run effective campaigns that result in tangible social and political victories and that develop leaders for the socialist movement.”

“We want to build a community of friendship and support for passionate and conscientious students,” the organization’s constitution goes on to declare.

Well, if conscientious means beheading your political opponents, they’re on the right track.

One of the pillars of democracy is eroding before our eyes. The ability to disagree with the politically different disintegrates under red and black flags, and hooded rioters obscuring their faces.

The hypocrisy is rampant. Maxine Waters’ explicit attack on Ben Carson drew little criticism but the media went into full meltdown over Trump’s CNN wrestling tweet.

A chorus of outrage sounded across social media and news programs, as politicians and pundits rushed to accuse Trump of calling for violence against CNN employees and journalists.

Not one word about Waters threatening to ‘attack’ Ben Carson.

After Republican Rep. Steve Scalise was shot, many liberals on Twitter CELEBRATED and said things like:

“The Only Good Fascist is a Dead One.”

“That’s a Shame but babies blown to bits at Sandy Hook was worse and Scalise takes money from the @NRA”

“If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP leadership considered self defense?”

“If KKK support Steve Scalise dies, the shooter deserves a holiday, true leadership. Now the trumps, kush, & miller need to be transitioned.”

Pandora’s box has been opened and it is really scary as to where we are headed. We have generations who have no opposition to using violence to get their way.

The left lives by an ‘ends justifies the means’ mentality…and this is where that gets you.




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