Trump’s Poland Trip Speech Is the Left’s Biggest Nightmare!

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The leaders of Poland, Polish President Andrzej Duda and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda warmly welcomed President Trump and the First Lady Melania in Krasinski Square.

Trump spoke before before an enthusiastic crowd at the Warsaw Uprising Memorial in Warsaw, Poland.

Speaking before the large and energetic crowd in Poland’s historic Krasiński Square, President Donald Trump said, the people of the west are crying out, “We want God”.

On the first leg of his journey to Europe for the G-20 conference, President Donald Trump made a stop in Poland to show his support of the country in the face of Russian aggression, and to reaffirm the principles that bind the U.S. and Poland together.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

As Melania Trump stated prior to her introduction of President Trump in Krasinski Square at the ‘Warsaw Uprising Memorial’,

“As many of you know, a main focus of my husband’s presidency is safety and security of the American people…”

She added,

“I think all of us can agree people should be able to live their lives without fear, no matter what country they live in. That is my wish for all of us around the world.”

During the President’s speech in Poland, Trump took the leftist agenda to task by pointing out how religion, Western culture and values are under attack everyday, and that we must fight back to save them, Breitbart reported.

We must work together to confront forces that threaten over time to undermine our values and erase the bonds of culture, faith, and tradition,” Trump told the crowd.

Trump also used his speech to highlight how Poland has experienced some dark times (thanks to Soviet Communism), but that together, Poland and the United States would stand together and fight to preserve the West from all the forces of evil that come knocking at our doors.

Crowd in Poland chants ‘Donald Trump’ after POTUS declares “The West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail.”

— FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) July 6, 2017

Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare for the world to hear that the West will never ever be broken and our values will prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph,” Trump said in one of the most powerful lines of his speech.

Trump recalled how on June 2, 1979, when Poles gathered for their first mass with Polish Pope John Paul II, the communists in Warsaw must have known their oppressive system would soon crumble.

In his speech, Trump said,

“They must have known during that exact moment during Pope John Paul II’s sermon when a million Polish men, women and children suddenly raised their voices in a single prayer. A million Polish people did not ask for wealth. They did not ask for privilege. Instead, one million Poles sang three simple words: ‘We want God’,” Trump said to applause.

“As I stand here today before this incredible crowd, this faithful nation, we can still hear those voices that echo through history. Their message is as true today as ever. The people of Poland, the people of America, and the people of Europe still cry out ‘We want God’.”

Through their devotion to God, Trump said, the Polish people were able to fight the oppression of communism and prevail to which the crowd broke out into a chant of “Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!”

Crowds packed the streets surrounding Krasiński Square, with some people holding large blue signs that read, ‘Make Poland Great’ as others waved both Polish and American flags. “Thank you, Mr. Trump,” read one sign.

President Trump spoke about the many ways Poles have enriched America and said the U.S. is eager to extend its partnership with not only Poland, but other eastern European nations as well.

“We are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy, so Poland and its neighbors are never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy,” Trump said, referring to Russia’s monopoly on energy exports to Poland.

The president said he visited Poland to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom, “The story of Poland is the story of a people who have never lost hope, who have never been broken, and who have never, ever forgotten who they are,” he said.

The crowd responded by chanting another round of, “Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!”

The president spoke of the threat of radical Islamic terrorism facing the U.S. and Europe today.

“We cannot accept those who reject our values and who use hatred to justify violence against the innocent,” he said.

Trump vowed to protect Poland from Russian aggression, defeat radical Islamic terrorism and work together to build a better stronger world that is free from those trying to knock us down.

This speech had to be painful for liberals to hear. They spent so much time fighting against Trump because they knew that he would actually stand up to them and stop their agenda — and in the end they failed.


There is no doubt, as Trump said in his message to Poland,

“America loves Poland.”

…and by the looks of the turnout and crowds….Poland loves America!


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