Trump and Macron Meet In France. Trump’s Speech Will Knock Your Socks Off

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President Trump headed out on yet another international trip with First Lady Melania Trump. This time they headed to Paris, France to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. They visited hospitals as well as embassies where they praised the staff and members of the U.S. militaries and then proceeded to honor French and American veterans of World War II.

The President made the trip after the French President invited him on Bastille Day to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Americans entry into World War I. This was at a time when U.S. military troops had arrived on French soil. According to White House officials, the French government made the United States a national guest of honor for their presence.

President Trump gave an eloquent speech where he praised the American-French alliance and described the indelible friendship between our two countries. He also praised the men and women who worked at the Parisian embassy. The President could be heard saying the following,

“The bond between our countries was forged in the fires of war. American and French patriots have fought together, bled together and died together for freedom, country and democracy. In that desperate battle, these courageous men helped to liberate this continent and frankly helped to win the war.”

During his speech, President Trump recognized three American military veterans who survived D-Day and recalled the,

 “very brave people who took back the beaches and towns of Normandy 73 years ago.”

Prior to his speech, First Lady Melania Trump spoke with the crowd. Later in the day, she visited a local hospital where she met with patients. At the hospital, she offered her own thanks for those who came to listen as well as families and friends who,

“represent and advance the mutual interests of the U.S. in France.”

President Trump and President Macron have appeared to be building an amicable relationship. Macron was backed by President Obama which would appear to at least unintentionally put them at odds. President Trump’s decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accords was also a thorn in the relationship when Macron publicly denounced the decision.


When Macron was pressed about whether the Paris Climate Accords debacle threatened the American-French relationship he said,

“Should that have an impact on the discussions we’re having on all other topics? No, absolutely not.”

Indicating that both Macron and Trump feel that despite occasional disagreements they would not allow minor discrepancies to interfere with a relationship that started at the beginning of the American Revolution. This friendship would allow our two countries to work together towards helping to establish peace in Syria and increasing Middle Eastern national security as well as countering international terrorism and negotiating with the Israelis and Palestinians.

Macron made a note to mention that in regards to our country’s ideas on how to combat terrorism, there was no gap between the two leaders. As well, he has been willing to discuss with President Trump a road map towards intervention with President Bashar Al Assad of Syria to bring about an end to the war. This is of particular importance considering President Trump was able to negotiate a ceasefire with Russia in Syria which Macron has been a vocal proponent of, allowing the United Nations to intervene.

After spending several hours together discussing these issues the two Presidents went sight-seeing around Paris and visited the golden-domed Invalides monument and later the Presidential Palace. They ended the visit with a lavish dinner at the Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, Paris’s most famous landmark.

Macron and Trump are both political outsiders. Macron, 39, is the youngest French President to have ever been elected. While Trump had no political experience and all polls had him losing prior to his election. Not only do they have mutually shared interests as leaders of countries who are friends with one another, but they are individuals with similar backgrounds and struggles.

These similarities alone could be attributes that bring these two closer together. Considering former President Obama’s endorsement of Macro the mainstream liberal media would have us believe these two leaders are meant to be at odds. But these recent meetings indicate that France and the United States are back on the map, all thanks to the White House administration and the French government.


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