Three Teens Force A Woman To Perform Sex, Then Attack Her – All Recorded On Facebook Live!

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Three teens have been arrested for supposedly forcing a woman to perform oral sex, beating her to the ground, and broadcasting it all on Facebook live.

Hayleigh Alexis Hudson, 19, and 17-year-old Ezzie Johnson were arrested on Wednesday night after a video of the heinous crime went viral.

Kadari Fabien Booker, 17, was the other scumbag who was arrested. All three remain in Harrison County Jail of somepretty heavy bonds of $400,000 and $500,000.

The distressful footage was viewed more than 47,000 times before Facebook decided to take it down. A video of the attack – not of the sexual assault – is still going around in circulation.

Daily Mail:

The abuse began in the bathroom where Johnson stood over the victim, filming her as he she performed fellatio on another man. Police will not say whether that other man was Booker. As she knelt on the floor, others watched. At some stage, they left and the bathroom door was closed.

The Clarion Ledger, which viewed the footage in full before it was removed, reports that Hudson then told the woman to open the door again to allow her in.

‘Unlock the door real quick. You don’t have to stop just open the door. I need to get something,’ she said.

After opening the door, the victim and the man she was performing the sex act on left the bathroom and moved to the living room to sit with the others.

The group then allegedly began harassing her, accusing her of performing oral sex for money and demanding that she do it again so that more people would tune in to their Facebook broadcast. When she refused, another man asked if she was ready to go home. She answered ‘yes’ but Hudson allegedly chimed in: ‘She ain’t going home until her throat swells up’.

The next portion of the incident was captured on footage which shown above. It includes Hudson approaching the woman, demanding that they ‘fight’.

She was filmed hitting the victim in the head repeatedly and dragging her to the ground. Others around them chanted ‘don’t break it up, don’t break it up.’ The victim, wailing and screaming, ran to the door to be allowed out of the home but was forced back to the room. The video ends after 1 minute 37 seconds and concludes with the group still in the home.

The video caught the attention of the local police department after loads of people had tuned in including one girl who wrote online: ‘This is gut-wrenchingly horrific. It’s really, really, bad.’

Police made it to the home at 11:46pm on Tuesday. The trio of scumbags were then arrested on Wednesday night after police had went over the footage of the attack.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania said he was confident that more arrests will be taking place in the near future.

‘Johnson is actually the one who memorialized these criminal acts by videotaping and distributing on Facebook Live. We are also evaluating the actions of other people present in order to determine if other charges will be forthcoming, and I can tell you with certainty there will be.’

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