Tebow and Kaepernick Both Took a Knee on the Field! Different Purposes and VERY Different Results!

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The former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is moving quickly up the ranks with his incredible talent on the baseball field.

Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed.

They both took to their knee on the football field. Tebow to recognize ‘The Almighty’ and Kaepernick to shame America.

Tim Tebow is now rising quickly among the ranks. Both because of incredible talent and his good name.

Did I mention that Kaepernick is still unemployed?

Since being promoted to the Port St. Lucie Mets, New York’s high A affiliate, Tebow has already racked up an excellent record! He has had one promotion and is looking at another soon!

In just 10 games he has accumulated 10 hits, bringing him to a remarkable .345 batting average. Last year, Francisco Mejia reached 50 straight games with a base hit, but still couldn’t come close to Joe Wilhoit’s very nice, nearly 100-year old record 69 game hitting streak. Now is Tebow’s chance. The only thing that might stop him is another promotion.

The more impressive of his stats are the power numbers: Tebow is slugging .621 with an OPS of 1.093.

To put this in perspective, in the major leagues there are only four hitters with an OPS over 1.000.

While his game play and stats are incredible, his good name has been proven to be of great value as well.


Because of his good name, Tim Tebow has proven to boost ticket sales everywhere he plays. Opposing teams have even enjoyed big increases in attendance when he is on the field. In fact, Tebow helped set records in back-to-back nights at two different stadiums:

People are flocking to see Tim Tebow, who loves this country, loves God, and has his priorities straight.

The Charleston RiverDogs, the New York Yankees’ Class A affiliate, hosted the Columbia Fireflies for a four-game series that started Friday and ended Monday. Over the course of the series, 17,321 fans walked through the gates of Riley Park.

That pales in comparison to the team’s June 16-18 series against Columbia, when 21,145 fans came to the park during a three-game series. The difference: former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

“He was clearly bringing an extra thousand or two thousand fans a game to the stadium,” Dave Echols, the president of the RiverDogs, said just before the start of Monday’s game. “That’s unheard of. And it’s fantastic for baseball and for Tim’s message, and it’s just a win all around.

Fans from all over South Carolina, Florida and other areas came to Charleston to see Tim Tebow.

Colin Kaepernick gave the whole NFL grief as he spawned a boycott that caused the league to lose so many viewers that it had to rebate advertisers. Viewership dropped to levels not seen since the 70’s.

Tim Tebow is full of love and Kaepernick is acting on hate. Does that affect the outcome in their playing ability?

You bet it does!

When Kaepernick was playing, his game went downhill fast after his lazy 3 minute antic before each game. Was he thinking positive thoughts? Of course not! He was not only thinking hate, he was trying to send a message of hate. It affected his game playing ability. Attitude is everything.

I taught sales for years. In fact, I advised the government of the small country of Grenada on the subject. The first place you start is the beginning of the day. A sales manager that starts the day with an exciting and upbeat message can double sales. A sales manager who begins the day with negative remarks will ALWAYS destroy the numbers for the day. ALWAYS folks!

When Kaepernick started his games on a negative note, he doomed himself. Every time. When he was supposed to be thinking about how thankful he was for this great country that had afforded him the achievements that he enjoyed, he was instead focused on anger. He was never going to be great again. It was a given.

Yep! Two different people taking a knee before a game. Two different attitudes and two VERY different results.

Tim Tebow recently tweeted on the 4th of July:

So did Colin Kaepernick:

Yes, Tebow is on top of his game, and has garnered huge respect because of his character and his values.

No one in the NFL even seems to want to invite Kaepernick to come practice.

Let that be a very important lesson!



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