Teacher Calls Students Racist…She Shows Up to a Class to Find a “Decorated” Room!

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Democrats just won’t let it go! Regardless of what President Trump says or does, he will always be labeled a racist and sexist by them.

Here’s another perfect example. A high school math teacher whose only job should be to teach math, decided it was appropriate for her to bring politics into the classroom. She even called the students racist for supporting Trump for President.

Funny thing about kids, they have a way of getting back at teachers, especially if they feel they have been treated unfairly. In this case, the kids set a perfect example which showed who was the real racist.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Throughout the 2016 campaign season and beyond, then-candidate, now-President Donald Trump has been labelled a “racist” by Democrats, the media and the leftists who follow their every word.

That baseless smear has also been routinely extended to the tens of millions of the president’s supporters, even if all they support is the conservative agenda put forth by Trump, his administration and fellow Republicans in Congress.

Video recently emerged of an unnamed black math teacher at a high school, whose classroom was decorated with pro-Trump pictures and slogans, seemingly in retaliation for the teacher repeatedly accusing the students of being racists for supporting Trump during the election, as she herself stated in the video.

On the door of the classroom was a picture of Trump modeled after the famed red, white and blue rendition of former President Barack Obama’s “Hope” poster, which read “Obama, You’re Fired,” as well as another paper which simply read “Make America Great Again.”

Inside the classroom were more pictures of Trump hanging in various locations, along with several key points of “Trump’s Agenda” written on the whiteboard on the wall, all of which was deemed racist by the teacher.

She even seemed to take exception to a picture of the 2016 electoral college map that was hung on the board, irked that her students continued to remind her of the election’s outcome and that she lived in a red state. She appeared to point to Florida on the small map.

Down the hall a few doors, another math teacher, said to be Mexican-American and who was also apparently not a fan of the president, found a “wall” blocking the doorway to her classroom.

The “wall” was simply printed out sheets of paper that resembled bricks and had been taped together and hung across the front of the entrance, though nothing else had been done to that particular classroom.

Throughout the video, the teacher repeatedly stated that she had been warning others that her students weren’t simply “rowdy,” but were disrespectful racists who deserved to be chastised.


As you may have noticed in the video, nothing the students did to their teacher’s classroom was explicitly racist at all, though the mocking of the woman’s gapped teeth was certainly rude and uncalled for.

But then again, smearing students as racist because they supported a different politician than their teacher also smacks of being rude and uncalled for as well.

So too was the “wall” constructed by students out of paper and placed in front of the Hispanic teacher’s room, which though not racist — as “Mexican” isn’t a race but a nationality — was nevertheless unnecessary as the teacher is more than likely an American citizen or at least a legal resident and therefore largely unaffected by the construction of a border wall.

People don’t much care for being labelled as a racist when they aren’t one, and that particular race card that has been played ad nauseum by Democrats over the past decade has grown exceedingly tiresome.

Americans are now pushing back, which is apparently what these students did after becoming weary of being harangued by their teacher for supporting the president.

This teacher should just stick to teaching the subject she was hired to teach – math! Obviously she doesn’t have a clue about anything else. These kids, like most Americans have had enough of the racists comments. Enough already!

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