Suspected Kidnapper Is Seen In Photo, ATTENDING Victims Rally Put On By Her Family!

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The suspected kidnapper of missing Chinese student Yingying Zhang is now seen to have attended a rally in support of her family, only one day before he was taken in by the police.

Brendt Christensen had been arrested and charged with the kidnapping of Zhang, a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, who police strongly believe is now dead after she disappeared on June 9th. On Thursday, Christensen was at a rally that was put on by her friends and family, in support of finding their daughter.

Many photos of the event reveal a man supporting a very strong likeness to Christensen with an unknown woman appareled in black.

A photo, which was snapped by CNN correspondent Kaylee Hartung also shows the man, as does some other image that has been spread around on social media. That same day, Christensen was caught talking about snatching up Zhang, taking her to his apartment and keeping her there as a captive against her will, according to the evidence the FBI collected.


Daily Mail:

Christensen was arrested and charged with Zhang’s kidnapping on Friday, and is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Monday.

Zhang, 26, was last seen getting into a black Saturn Astra on June 9, just weeks after she arrived at the university’s Urbana-Champaign campus from China to study agriculture sciences. The FBI found Christensen owned a car with a sunroof and a cracked hubcap on the passenger side, matching the vehicle Zhang was last seen climbing into, according a criminal complaint filed in federal court on Friday.

Authorities also obtained his cell phone and found Christensen had visited threads titled ‘Abduction 101’, ‘perfect abduction fantasy’ and ‘planning a kidnapping’ on the website FetLife, a ‘social network for the BDSM, fetish and kinky community’.

Christensen, who was admitted to the school’s competitive physics graduate program in 2013, also had an OkCupid account that said he was ‘married and in an open relationship’.

In his profile, he wrote:

‘I’m Brendt. Grad student at UIUC. I’m pretty chill and easy going…it’s pretty much impossible to make me mad. I want to experience everything and test my limits. ‘I also work out a ton but don’t mind if you don’t. Fitness has been a passion of mine since junior high.’

Jon Bowman, who had been in a workout group that included Christensen, spoke with the News Gazette:

‘He would nearly always come with a woman…Most of us who were working out were usually talkative and in a good mood, but Christensen was different. He and the woman always wore black, and they kept to themselves. They never said anything to the rest of us.’

Onetime classmate Souvik Dutta said he was ‘dumbfounded’ by what he had heard on the news, remembering that Christensen as a nice guy and ‘very calm.’

…Yet others who lived in the same apartment complex Christensen still believed that the guy came off as ‘creepy’. The investigation into where Yingying Zhang could be continues.

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