Barbra Streisand Bluntly States That Hillary Lost For One Reason And One Reason Only!

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According to Barbara Streisand, there’s only one reason that Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump… sexism.

I think there are a whole lot of women out there that would take issue with that. Millions supported Trump for President. Babs is using her female bits again as an excuse for possibly the worst losing candidate in US history. She thinks women are underestimated…I would stridently disagree.

As a woman, I see most women pretty much on a par with men anymore and I give more credence to the ability of the being than to gender.

Barbra Streisand Bluntly States That Hillary Lost For One Reason And One Reason Only

Streisand may be an incredible singer and a great actress, but she is so politically partisan she comes across as a biased hack who thinks more with her gender in mind than using logic to determine actual cause and effect. Strong women are self-determined and take what they judge to be the best course of action.

Women are the ones in the end that determined that Trump would be President and women were the ones that told the Hildabeast to take a hike. What Babs is referring to are Hollywood women, I guess because they resemble a different species.

From PageSix:

Barbra Streisand, a Hillary Clinton supporter, says her candidate lost due to sexism.

“Women are still so underestimated; it’s incredible to watch even this last election with Hillary, the kind of strong woman, the powerful woman, the educated woman, the experienced woman, being thought of as the other, or too elite, or too educated,” she told WNYC’s Leonard Lopate on Wednesday.

“It’s very, very odd to me, and it was heartbreaking for her to lose, you know?” Adding that “power and woman has always been suspect. Strong women have always been suspect . . . in this country.”

I also resent the insinuation that women who voted for Trump are not educated or experienced. That’s an outright lie. Streisand was an adamant supporter of Hillary Clinton in the last election and has a special hatred for Donald Trump. She campaigned heavily for Clinton. But her sway isn’t what it used to be and even the approval of the Hollywood elite couldn’t push Hillary over the finish line.

As for Clinton being strong… she’s a corruptocrat and a monster. Not traits you want to see in a President. The leftist media keeps claiming that Clinton did better with women in the election, I find that hard to believe and very suspect. Consider the source.


“There has long been a misconception that women voters vote by their gender identity instead of their party,” said Rutgers University’s Kelly Dittmar.

“To try to talk about women as a single voting bloc, but to neglect to look at the crosstabs, to neglect to look at the differences in race, age, education, creates this false shock.”


Kellyanne Conway got it right when she said the crux of the 2016 election was “between what offends you and what affects you.”

This election wasn’t about sexism… it was about jobs and saying ‘no’ to politicians. It was about national security and having pride in America again. Marxists like Streisand just don’t get it and never will.


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