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Ever since the highjacking of a cargo ship off the coast of Somalia in April 2009, ocean transport companies have taken the threat of modern day pirates pretty seriously. Several years before that the Somali pirates could pretty easily board ships and hold their crew for ransom and get handsomely rewarded when they let the ship, cargo and crew go. Not any more.

According to common maritime law, a ship that is engaged in international waters can defend itself through force when confronted by armed pirates. So many of these ocean transport companies hire private security teams to patrol their decks in high-risk areas, especially those that stretch from the Persian Gulf to the Seychelles in the South and the Maldives in the East.

Here’s a current day battle that comes to a conclusion much quicker than your average war film or “Pirates of the Carribean”. The result is pretty clear. These Somali Pirates attack the wrong ship and instantly regret it!  If every ship did this, there’d be no more pirates!

H/T Think Americana:

The Somali Pirates encounter a group who takes their 2nd Amendment rights and applies them to the seas. What do you get when that happens? You get some total badasses who refuse to be victims of the Somali Pirates.

If the pirates were handled like this every time, there would be no pirates left. They would just cease to exist.

This is what happens when Somali Pirates attack a ship with a armed maritime security on board. Spoiler: it doesn’t go well for the pirates.

The video below was filmed using a helmet mounted camera by some private security contractors on board a cargo ship attacked by Somali Pirates. 

Now THAT is EXACTLY how you take care of business!

According to experts, the Somali Pirates will be an issue until government is established on the lawless shore of Somalia. There has not been a functioning government in the country for 19 years. There needs to be some order restored off the coast of Somali as it is a very dangerous area where disaster strikes often. Luckily in this case they were dealt with and disposed of.

How big of a problem are pirates?

The Indian Ocean is home to some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Often a war rages between Somali pirates. Somali pirates have attacked 800 ships and taken 3,400 hostages in just over 4 years.  Since then, private security firms, some run by Americans, are deployed on more ships with heavily armed guards aboard those ships.

For now, at least, the security firms and their armed guards appear to be winning the war — and earning millions.

Since 2008, pirates operating off East Africa had successfully hijacked 170 ships, costing the global economy as much as $12 billion per year, killing dozens of hostages and holding the ships and their crews for ransoms of up to $9.5 million. At least 11 vessels and 188 hostages were still being held by pirates, and a hostage held for two years was executed when his ship’s owners failed to pay his ransom quickly enough.

With the increased presence of international naval vessels — and the stepped-up use of armed guards, who have successfully rebuffed every attack launched against them, pirate attacks have decreased.

Shipping companies are now spending close to $1 billion dollars per year on private armed guards, up from a mere blip in 2008, according to Oceans Beyond Piracy, a project of Colorado-based non-profit One Earth Future Foundation. About 50 percent of commercial ships transiting across the Indian Ocean now have armed guards.

With so much money to be made, companies from all over the world, including the United States, are rushing into the anti-piracy business, often drawing from the ranks of the military’s special forces.

Somalia is impoverished, and job opportunities are almost nonexistent, which is why so many young men turn to piracy. One incarcerated pirate recently told the BBC that the practice is just a form of taxation.

“We catch a ship, tax some taxes, and then release them without harming or killing them,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Looks like everyone is looking to make a quick buck these days! From the gangs in Chicago to the Somali pirates there’s only one way to fight back – fight fire with fire. Get a gun! Learn out to use it! Fight back!

Somali pirates, gangs and others will think twice about attacking if they know there are guns involved on the other end. I am going to bet very few ships if any, have been hijacked since the use of military forces and guns on board.


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