Scaramucci Tags Priebus In Tweet… Denies Threatening Him With FBI Investigation

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Anthony Scaramucci set everyone on fire late last night with a tweet that says that he thinks the leak of his financial disclosure form is a “felony” and that he will be contacting the FBI and Justice Department seeking an investigation. The twist here is that he tagged Reince Priebus on the tweet. This caused Axios to jump to the conclusion that Scaramucci was pointing the finger at Priebus for the leak. Shortly thereafter, Scaramucci deleted the tweet and started explaining that everyone got it wrong.

This morning, CNN contributor Ryan Lizza called into Cuomo on his show to discuss Scaramucci on the tweet he sent out late last night and then deleted. Then Anthony Scaramucci called in as well and that’s when the fun began. It went on for a solid thirty minutes. Scaramucci says that he and President Trump know who the leakers are and they are taking legal steps against them. Here’s what he had to say: “It’s absolutely completely and totally reprehensible. As you know from the Italian expression, the fish stinks from the head down, but I can tell you two fish that don’t stink, and that’s me and the president. I don’t like the activity going on in the White House. I don’t like what they’re doing to my friend.”

Evidently Scaramucci gave his financial form to the GAO. Somehow Politico got a hold of it. Anthony is furious over the leak. Who wouldn’t be? But I think it could have been handled more quietly and better than this. Scaramucci is comparing his relationship with Priebus to that of Cain and Abel. Didn’t one of them kill the other? Just sayin’. This infighting at the White House looks very, very bad. Now, Scaramucci is proclaiming he’s more of a front stabber than a back stabber.

Scaramucci ostensibly put out his now-deleted tweet to make a point about how it’s Priebus’ responsibility to help him uncover the people leaking the White House’s information. Right. He clarified – sort of: “When the journalists who know who the leakers are like Ryan Lizza, these guys know who the leakers are. Jonathan Swan at Axios, these guys know who the leakers are. I respect him for not telling me because I understand journalistic integrity. However, when I put out a tweet, I put Reince’s name in a tweet, they make the assumption it’s him because journalists know who the leakers are. So, if Reince wants to explain he’s not a leaker, let him tell you about himself.”

People are now beginning to wonder if Scaramucci’s job is to eliminate Priebus. It looks like he’s gunning for him. He answers directly to the President, so that is not a crazy assumption. This comes right after Scaramucci said he would fire everyone if the leaks didn’t stop. He fired an aid yesterday to start the ball rolling. If this is any indication, things are literally explosive in the White House right now.

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