Scaramucci Demands Apology From The Daily Beast For Insulting Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci isn’t screwing around or playing wallflower. He’s hit the ground fearlessly running it would seem. First, he threatens to fire everyone if the leaks don’t stop. Now, he’s demanding an apology from The Daily Beast for a vile slur aimed at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Their so-called “culture” writer made the remark. He’s just disgusting.

The comment happened late last week, but Scaramucci was just on his way in as communications director. He got wind of it and stepped up to defend Sarah’s honor from this leftist media hack. The Mirror originally broke the story on Friday. Ira Madison III hit social media and called Sara a transvestite. He’s now blocking people for calling him out on it. Tucker Carlson ran a segment on it last night and ripped Madison nine ways from Sunday for it. During that show, Scaramucci appeared and publicly called for The Daily Beast to apologize immediately over this.

Madison isn’t sorry in the least and has absolutely no plans to apologize. What an asshat. He mocked The Daily Caller for their story on his slur and is not commenting on his actions. Some of this jerk’s followers are now saying that the right just doesn’t get the “queer” community. And that makes this okay? I don’t think so. Sarah is a straight, married woman with a husband and three children. I don’t see how calling her a “butch queen in drag” is a compliment.

Then Madison turned his vindictiveness on Scaramucci for daring to call him out on all this. He hit Mooch for deleting old tweets that show a definitive liberal bias. I’m not crazy about those tweets, but as long as Scaramucci doesn’t influence with his political stances and is merely a spokesperson for the President’s agenda, I don’t care. Madison however is using them as a weapon. “I serve @POTUS and that’s all that matters,” he wrote in his “full disclosure.” And again I say, so?

Then it got even raunchier and all because of an insult that should never have been said. Madison suggested that he and Scaramucci had engaged in same-sex foreplay. “You can delete it all you want but I remember you asking to feed me honey-dipped gummi bears on a bearskin,” he wrote on Twitter. I don’t believe that bull crap for a moment. He also wrote, “Forgive me, but Anthony Scaramucci looks like a sexy Dick Tracy villain.” What a perv this guy is.

The only reason that Madison insulted Sanders was for amusement and to get more Twitter followers. He said that… yep, he went there. Now, the coward has deleted his tweets with no explanation for doing so. Sounds to me as if he got smacked by The Daily Beast. However, he did leave the tweet up about Sanders, so maybe not.

Madison has also worked for MTV News, New York Mag and BuzzFeed. He’s got an impressive liberal Marxist resume. He tweeted his slur at Sanders to almost 48,000 followers. “Mike Huckabee in a dress!” one exclaimed. Another wrote, “That makeup is a national security issue.” The vileness of those on the left never ceases to amaze me. Sarah is a good person and great at her job. They would never dream of doing this to someone on the left, but because she is a Republican, they feel they can be as nasty as they want to her. The Mirror is right… this is way over the line and my respect for Scaramucci is growing since he demanded that apology. At least he is a gentleman. I’m not sure what Madison is other than lame.

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