Report: Bernie Sanders’ Wife Attempted To Evict Disabled Residents From Group Home

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An investigation into Jane Sanders has allegedly uncovered her attempt to evict mentally disabled residents from a group home. Nice. This home was on the land that Sanders was looking to purchase for the defunct Vermont college where she was president until it all came apart in bankruptcy. This is just the latest bit of dirt on this whole mess that the Sanders tried to cover up. The Sanders dynamic duo have lawyered up and it looks like they have good reason to do so… between Jane’s creative accounting in order to qualify for a $10 million loan for the college and Bernie’s pressure on the bank to give it to her, they have a lot of explaining to do.

The FBI is now involved in the investigation. Judicial Watch has been uncovering records that shine some light on Jane’s antics while president at Burlington College, from 2004 to 2011. VTDigger, a Vermont blog, claims that Jane Sanders said she had $2.6 million in pledged donations to qualify for that massive loan, but in reality she had only half a million instead. Of course, both Bernie and Jane are denying all of this. I would expect nothing less from Bolshevik Bernie.

Judicial Watch is now saying that the parcel of land that Jane Sanders had earmarked for the college’s expansion included this group home for disabled people. Part of the deal she was making, was that she would negotiate the transfer of these individuals to another location before the college took the property. Reportedly, what she did instead was try and kick them out of their home. There is a letter to the group’s attorney in which Jane Sanders says, “It is simply not fair to expect the College to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both your population and ours until February 2012.” That’s pretty damn cold.

The group was eventually evicted after being served papers by the Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Vermont initiated eviction proceedings against HowardCenter after selling the 32-acre property to Burlington College. Immediately, Sanders claimed to not be the bad guy in all this. Sorry, yes… you were. “We are not trying to be the bad guys here,” she told Seven Days in 2011. “We have always said that we’d be helpful and we’d try to help them as they found a new home — and we have. At first, we agreed to delay for one semester, and even that was pushing it for us. Six months beyond that is not realistic. We thought a year’s time was appropriate, and it’s worrisome that they haven’t found a place yet, but there is really no choice any longer,” she said.

Burlington College closed its doors in 2016 under the burden of the crushing debt that Jane Sanders gifted them with. She managed to destroy a college and uproot the lives of 16 mentally disabled people, all for her own goals and desires. Jane Sanders looks very heartless and self-serving here. But she’s a Marxist… what did you expect?

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