Thug Couple Who Beat Restaurant Owner and 15-Year-Old Daughter Due to Cold Chicken are CAUGHT! [VIDEO]

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UPDATE: Thug Couple who beat up a woman and her 15 year old daughter because their food order was not to their liking have surrendered to police.

Nathaniel Eric Smith and Latasha M. Smith turned themselves in to the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, Baxley police told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Baxley police have now positively identified these thugs who are locked up.. and  need to be for a very long time.

They obviously missed the class on what it means to be a human being. CAUTION: You can scroll down for the brutal assault but it is very, very graphic and not for the faint of heart:

Police Looking for Couple Who Beat Restaurant Owner and 15 Year Old Daughter Due to Cold Chicken [VIDEO]

These two vile imbeciles need to get locked up..and for a very long time. They have nothing to contribute to society.

Nathaniel Eric Smith and Latasha M. Smith have obviously missed the class on what it means to be a human being.

They created a commotion at the Qwik Chick takeout stand because they said their chicken was cold and their meals did not include enough fries. The store’s owner, Jeanette Norris, had already apologized and refunded the couple’s money.

What happened next has been described by Chief of the Baxley Police Department, James Godfrey as the most senseless crime he has seen in 41 years.


Watch the video and beware, it is violent.

The Root explains the incident:

Police are still searching for two people they say were caught on surveillance footage attacking a restaurant owner and the owner’s daughter over an apparent dispute over cold chicken late last week in Georgia.

According to WTOC, the incident started Thursday afternoon at the family-owned Qwik Chick takeout stand next to U.S. Highway 1, when owner Jeanette Norris handled a couple who had ordered two meals. According to the report, the couple complained their chicken was too cold and that they didn’t get enough fries. Norris checked the food and refunded the couple their money, but then things flew way off the handle, according to the report, with one suspect, identified by authorities as Latasha M. Smith, flying into a rage at Norris, repeatedly punching and slapping her in the face.

[RAW INTERVIEW: Hear how the victim of the assault described the incident.]

When Norris’ 15-year-old daughter walked up to intervene, the teen was punched in the face by the other suspect, identified as Nathaniel Eric Smith, authorities say. The punch sent the teenager off her feet. The couple then disappeared as what, in the footage, appeared to be employees gathered around to comfort Norris’ teen daughter and look for help.

“I’ve been here, what, 41 years—30 of them as chief. I have never seen anything like this. I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Baxley, Ga., Police Chief James Godfrey said of the assault , which police are describing as a completely unprovoked attack.

EMS was called to the scene and both Norris and her daughter received medical attention. Norris suffered a broken nose in the attack, while her daughter suffered bruises and a concussion.

What has happened to society? These two people are mentally ill! If some cold food gets them this riled up, what happens when something serious occurs? This is entitlement reality at its worse! These two selfish individuals are most likely on government dependence. People like this cannot hold a job.

They believe the world surrounds them. They are worthless.

I am a firm believer in redemption. But some are beyond that. The police need to find these two animals and just put them away for the rest of their lives. They have NOTHING to contribute to society and are a burden.

The active warrants consist of charges of aggravated battery and cruelty to children. So most likely they will be back on the streets in no time.

Please note, while the video has a time-stamp of 2010, the incident occurred just days ago. The owners of the restaurant never properly set the date and time of their surveillance system.



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