A Parole Board Set O.J. Simpson FREE, After Serving 9 Years In Prison!

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Well, it’s happened. Orenthal James Simpson was given parole on Thursday afternoon after serving nine years in prison. The controversial former football star has convinced four members of the Nevada Parole Board to unanimously approve his parole.

Simpson was met at Lovelock Correctional Facility on Thursday by his lawyer Malcolm LaVergne for the hearing, who also came with Simpson’s close friend Tom Scotto, his sister Shirley Baker, and also his daughter Arnelle. The guy was all smiles from ear to ear after the board made their decision known. He still has two more months left to carry out, but after that, he’s out in the public again, albeit with strict parole rules and consequences.

Simpson, 70, who had always seemed like the nicest person in the world in public…thanked the board before rejoining his friends in prison to serve out the remainder of his two months.

It was during Simpson’s hearing, that he would joke that he would be returning to Florida if released, believing that the state of Nevada was not likely wanting him to stick around after completing his prison sentence.

The football star will also have an ample nest egg waiting for him, having collected over $400,000 from his NFL pension since the time he was first sent to prison, 9 years ago.

The proceedings started off lightly when one member of the parole board unintentionally said that Simpson was 90, instead of 70, arousing laughter from those who were there to see what would happen to Simpson.

That feeling rapidly altered however as Simpson began to depict the events that happened the night of the robbery:

‘I am no danger, never pulled a gun on anybody. I never have in my life. Never been accused of it in my life. Nobody’s ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them. I never have.’

…Unless it was and ‘alleged’ knife?

He then got even more tense as he continued with his reckoning of the event.


‘I want to also, as a postscript add that, you know when I got to Lovelock, the state of California took up the issue of who’s property it was. They did an investigation. And they came to the conclusion that it was my property. They turned it over to me. I have it now. You know?’

‘So I mean, it’s – kind of mind-boggling that they turned over to me property that I’m in jail for trying to retrieve. You know? It’s – it was my property. I wasn’t there to steal from anybody.’

He continued:

‘And I would never, ever pull a weapon, ever pull a weapon on anybody.’

Simpson’s daughter Arnelle was there for her Father, and spoke on his behalf at the hearing on Thursday. Through tears, she said:

‘Thank you. I’m a little nervous association bear with me. As you know I’m here on behalf of my family. For the purpose of expressing what we believe is the true character of my father. No one really knows how much we have been through. This ordeal in the last nine years.’

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